Skyward Sword was a great and loved Zelda title, but while it may have scored well with reviewers and fans, it was not without its complaints. Linear, slow, and filled with filler content, it’s both loved and loathed. But Eiji Aonuma has heard the fans and knows that sometimes the fans know what’s for the best, and with it he’s brought a great deal of change to A Link Between Worlds.

When we created Skyward Sword, by checking the internet and seeing comments people made about it, it came to mind that maybe the users have started to get bored with Zelda, the traditional Zelda. So we’d like to try and change that up. We thought then that it would be more important to implement a kind of hand-holding system, where users would always know what they were supposed to do. But maybe it’s different – perhaps it’s also fun to just get lost in the game and try to figure out what to do by themselves… I’m really happy that I’ve managed to release a game with new features and a uniqueness to it.

As a result Nintendo has made

A Link Between Worlds non-linear, allowing players to tackle dungeons in any order, and both Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto are aiming for the new title to do as little hand-holding as possible for a more unique experience.

Miyamoto and I feel the same about this. If players reach their goal easily, it’s not really a very exciting game. A game should be something where users try to solve the puzzles and try to overcome something and get a feeling of achievement from the experience. That’s more important. But if it’s too difficult, if we don’t actually give enough hints to the users, then at some point they’re not going to be interested in playing the game anymore. So that balance is always important, between difficulty and hand-holding. There was a certain period [at Nintendo] where people thought that games should make it easier to progress and go forward. But Miyamoto and I think that’s not the core part of the fun of a game. Sometimes just getting lost in a game can be really good as well. We’d like the game to be [made] in a way that even for hardcore gamers, hints are sometimes available. What’s important is making that selection of options available.



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