gametrailersThe folks over on GameTrailers have collected up a list of the top ten games on the 3DS. Zelda fans may or may not be surprised to discover that out of all the games they listed on the latest top ten, A Link Between Worlds tops their list as the #1 game of the system. They credit the perfect mix of traditional gameplay an multiple paths of progression towards the success of the game among everything else on the list.

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There was no doubt it would make the list. Zelda games are typically within the top games of a console they appear on. A Link Between Worlds taking the top spot on the list was a bit surprising, but I suppose that does show just how well the series is still doing after more than 20 years. I was largely a fan of the A Link to the Past style of gameplay since that one was my favorite in the series. Another game that imitates they same style was perfect for me.

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Source: GameTrailers

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