A little while ago, Nintendo re-launched their Nintendo Selects program. This had already been in place for Wii titles, but players can now buy excellent Wii U and 3DS titles at a discounted price. If you don’t know, the Nintendo Selects program is where Nintendo will choose titles of exceptional quality that sold well, re-package them in fancy red and gold boxes, and then sell them at a lower price than their regular versions, with the full game intact. I personally have never bought a title re-released under the Nintendo Selects mantle, but from what I’ve seen and heard it’s a great way to introduce new players to some awesome games that they missed when they launched.

Looking at new sales figures for Nintendo Select games compared to their original launches, their is a pretty large growth in sales present, across both the Wii U and 3DS, in the States and in Japan. This is most evident with Wii U games in the U.S., rocketing from under 50,000 units across this general period last year, to over 200,000 now! It’s great to see after quite a bit of hardship and loss, Nintendo is getting back on their feet. While certainly not the kings of the industry again, they are rising to become major players. Perhaps the launch of the NX in 2017 will ring in the third golden age of Nintendo. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but with the boosted sales of the Nintendo Selects titles, I think I can confidently say that the big N is doing far better than people usually give them credit for.

Source: ZhugeEx

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