It’s no secret that music has been very much intertwined with the Zelda series for years, nor that fans are not only smitten with the tunes themselves but the instruments that appear in the games as well. There is one instrument, however, that is easily the most iconic as a representative of Zelda: the ocarina. While it’s been fully possible to get a hold of one of these funny little instruments since the release of Ocarina of Time, a new Kickstarter campaign is hoping to meet all your ocarina needs.

Ocarina maker Caro, of, is aiming to be the creator of the first full set of replica ocarinas from The Legend of Zelda. Having created a variety of forms of the instrument already, she is now seeking funding on Kickstarter so that she can bring her instruments, individually and in a complete set, to fans worldwide, as well as raise enough money to extend her musical abilities into the realm of harps. A number of her ocarinas can be seen—and heard—in the video above, clearly demonstrating her fantastic artistic skill. The full set is intended to include the following:

  • Mini pendant ocarina
  • 10-holes Soprano transverse ocarina
  • 10-holes alto pendant transverse ocarina
  • 12-holes alto transverse ocarina
  • 12-holes tenor transverse ocarina
  • 10-holes bass transverse ocarina
  • Wooden foamed case (approx 17″ X 10″ X 5″)

If you’d like to make the contribution to the Canadian artist’s campaign, you can donate as little as $5 or $10 CAD for a thank you from the artist or mini ocarina necklace, respectively. If you’d like to get a a playable ocarina, the minimum contribution is $28 CAD for a 5-hole Fairy Ocarina replica. If you’re truly an ocarina connoisseur, however, the full set of ocarinas will cost you a whooping $400 CAD. Although the campaign has just begun, if you’d like one of these, you’ll have to order soon; Caro won’t be making many of these full sets. Of course, there are many levels in between for those simply looking for one or a few replica ocarinas. Additionally, Caro has been kind of enough to make the cost the same for shipping worldwide.

So what do you think? Looking for a complete set for your five-man, ocarina only band? Or maybe just an Ocarina of Time for nostalgia’s sake? Are some of you still holding out for a Goddess Harp replica? Check out some of the Caro’s works in progress in the gallery below! If you’d like to support her or learn more about this amazing project, head here for the campaign’s official Kickstarter page.

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