The Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild were the evolution of dungeons in terms of both scope and scale. With only four beasts in total, each one needed to be impressive inside and out. While I didn’t encounter Vah Rudania until late in my Breath of the Wild experience, it left a huge impression on me.

Hanging over the Death Mountain caldera, Vah Rudania serves as a highlight for the epic adventure. The music for Vah Rudania is also a huge highlight. This instrumental mix cover by Vetrom does an excellent job of capturing the suitably impressive dungeon theme played within the divine beast.

While many dungeon themes create a presence through slow, foreboding sounds, Vetrom takes a different a approach with Vah Rudania by increasing the overall tempo of the piece. This speed boost creates a sense of urgency within the song and gives it a high energy. Keeping with elements of other Goron/Death Mountain pieces, percussion plays a key role in this dungeon theme, with several distinct percussion beats beings used throughout. It’s an impressive piece of music, as well as one that sounds very distinct from other dungeon themes and Zelda songs.

What do you think of this arrangement of Vah Rudania’s theme? Will you be checking out any more of Vetrom’s work? Let us know in the comments below!




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