Arcades played a big part of the video game industry back in the day. While their role in gaming isn’t as important now, arcades were how many experienced video games for the first time. While The Legend of Zelda for NES isn’t the most practical to be made into an arcade cabinet, it looks pretty cool. I would not mind having this in my house. Here’s a quote from the maker of this custom beauty:

“I always thought it would be cool if Nintendo made a Legend of Zelda arcade game. Would it be practical for such a long game? Probably not….but I still think it would have been cool. Anyways, that’s what stools are for. Ha.

So last year I decided to build one from scratch. As of today, it’s about 95% done. All I have left to do is design, print and emboss the side art and bezel instruction card. It will be awhile before I do that, but I will update this thread when that is done. I just finishing wiring it all up last night.” — Wyo

Inside is a 20″ CRT, and yes, the game is running on an NES. It is wired to the joystick and buttons. You can see all the pictures of it in the gallery below, and be sure to let us know what you think of this project in the comments.

Source: Arcade Museum

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