A Decade of Destruction

Today is a historic day for our friends over at Zelda Power. 10 years in this business. Zelda Power now joins only North Castle in the illustrious 10year club for Zelda fan sites. It really is remarkable and in some ways, unbelievable. Although the names have changed, inside they are all the same, Zelda Power.

Aaron Holt, the original founder of Zelda Power is one of the main reasons that Zelda Dungeon even exists today. The site was simply the best when it came to Zelda news back a decade ago. They were the first Zelda site that I ever visited, and much of the early ideas of Zelda Dungeon were directly based off of Zelda Power. Heck, some 6 years ago, I got in trouble for directly linking to some of Zelda Power’s media. Hehe. Aaron eventually set me straight and I’ve learned to grow from my mistakes.

The current leaders of the site, KoSoVer and Kao have kept the ship at sea during the absence of Aaron and have done a fine job. With a forum community of over 4,000 members and nearly 700,000 posts, the message boards at Zelda Power has cemented their name in the history books of the Zelda Community. There really is not much else to say about this amazing benchmark other than simply, wow. Great job guys!

Zelda Power

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