Hello everyone, just your friendly walkthrough writing fiend here with a simple request. =)

I’m in the midst of working on the Majora’s Mask Walkthrough as well as the upcoming Majora’s Mask Video Walkthrough. This game is filled with all kinds of interesting Easter eggs and tricks that make it unique and I’d like to point out a lot of them in the Walkthrough. I recently made a thread on our forums that has a list of cool things that I’ve found or learned throughout my travels in Termina, but I’m sure there’s a lot more I’ve never heard of!

Here’s where you guys come in…

If you’d like to help out and know a few tricks that you have hidden up your sleeves, feel free to look over the list in the thread I posted and leave a comment either on our forums or in this news post. I’ll add them to the list if they aren’t already there and will include them in our walkthrough. Either way, you’ll probably learn a few things reading over my list. =D Thanks ahead of time, it means a lot!

Stone Mask: Wear it to be ignored by Gerudo and Deku Patrols as well as enemies like Death Armos, Beamos, Black Boes, White Boes, Blue Bubbles and the Takkuri.
Kill Sakon: When helping the Old Woman From The Bomb Shop in North Clock Town at 12:00AM, you can hit the “Luggage” that Sakon stole directly with various weapons to make it explode along with the thief.
Transform Faster: The first time you use a transformation mask, you are forced to watch the movie of Link screaming. After that, you can skip the movie by pressing the C-button twice.

NOTE: I am looking for things that are possible in a regular playthrough and am not going to be using any cheats or glitches.

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