Emulation and frame rate are both hot button issues for the gaming crowd, and more so for recent games. As technology improves, gamers expect higher frame rates from large budget titles, and Breath of the Wild is no exception to this. Both the Wii U and the Switch versions of the game are locked to 30 FPS, and work has been done to run the title at 60 FPS, and at 4K.

A member of the Cemu emulation community, Xalphenos, has been working to uncap the frame rate, but the caveat is that the game is currently too demanding for most computers to handle at a consistent 60 FPS. So far, only shrines have been running at a consistent 60 FPS, but that’s still a grand achievement. It’s more a proof of concept, according to Xalphenos, rather than a one and done solution.

I think it’s interesting to see such advancements in so short a time. Breath of the Wild is a fairly impressive game already, and as a game developer myself, I understand the difficulty of forcing an already demanding title to run at higher speeds than intended. I hope to hear more about Xalphenos’s progress on this as time goes on.

What do you think of this advancement? Are you for or against Breath of the Wild at 60 FPS? Let us know below!

Source: Reddit (via PC Gamer)

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