It’s pretty cool that two years after Breath of the Wild’s release, new things are still being discovered in the game. Recently a new bug called “Apparatus Storage” was discovered, which allows Link to become immune to extreme temperatures and elemental attacks.

This bug could be particularly useful for the Breath of the Wild speedrunning community; it eliminates the need to change armor, use elixirs, and should make battles with certain enemies much easier. Already, speedrunners have begun experimentation and have found various subsequent glitches used in tandem with “Apparatus Storage”, the most notable being heart and stamina transfers between save files. A new save file can have maxed out hearts and stamina, allowing the Master Sword to be obtained much earlier on a new file!

For a full demonstration of this glitch, check it out here! Are you interested in trying this glitch out for a speedrun? Or are you a casual player who just wants to avoid freezing to death? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gaming Reinvented (via Nintendo Life)

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