Spirit Tracks Video Walkthrough
Welcome to our Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Video Walkthrough. This guide will take you through all of the game, completing all of the dungeons with strategies for all bosses and enemies, the collection of all heart pieces, stamps and other collectables, guiding you through all of the many side quests. You can also check out the Spirit Tracks Text Walkthrough which has screenshots and maps to help you through the game. You can also check find this same walkthrough on our YouTube channel.

Chapter 1:
The Beginning
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Oh nooooo!
  • Tower of Spirits: Phantom training

Chapter 2:
Forest Realm
  • Finding the Forest Sanctuary / Woodland Sanctuary
  • Forest Temple / Wooded Temple

  • Collection: Including Take 'Em All On
  • Tower of Spirits: Using Zelda's shield to reach high places

Chapter 4:
Snow Realm
  • Entering the Snow Realm
  • Tons of Rabbits and Stamps
  • Anouki Village and Snow Sanctuary / Snowfall Sanctuary
  • Snow Temple / Blizzard Temple

  • Collection: Mainly Stamps
  • Tower of Spirits: Optional treasure on the lower floors
  • Tower of Spirits: Darkness, using Torch Phantoms to light the way

Chapter 6:
Ocean Realm
  • Helping Linebeck and restoring the bridge to the Ocean Realm
  • Getting Carben from Papuchia Village / Papuzia Village to the Ocean Sanctuary
  • Finding the hidden entrance
  • Ocean Temple / Marine Temple

  • Collection: Force Gems and Bomb Bags
  • Tower of Spirits: Avoiding Phantom Eyes and using Warp Phantoms to teleport around, solving puzzles

Chapter 8:
Fire Realm
  • Goron Village & delivering the Mega Ice
  • Fire Sanctuary
  • Collection: TONS of Force Gems and new stations!
  • Fire Temple

  • Collection: TONS of stuff, including lots of Force Gems, Rabbits and new stations!
  • Tower of Spirits: Using Wrecker Phantoms to roll through these puzzles!

Chapter 10:
Sand Realm
  • Sand Sanctuary
  • Sand Temple

  • Collection: Tons of Force Gems and Rabbits
  • Ends Of The Earth Station
  • Lost At Sea Station
  • Take 'Em All On: Red Door
  • Tower of Spirits: Final hidden floors

Chapter 12:
The Dark Realm
  • Final showdown!