Spirit Tracks Round Table Discussion

Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #8 - Spirit Tracks Round Table Discussion
-Mases, Webmaster of Zelda Dungeon
-Cody, Webmaster of Zelda Universe
-The Missing Link, former Webmaster of The Grand Adventures and founder of ZeldaBlog
-The King of Hyrule, Webmaster of Zelda Capital

-Date: March 28th, 2009
-Description: The podcast ran for just over an hour and was run like a round table discussion, with the center focus being the Spirit Tracks Trailer. The podcast lasted for just over an hour and it touched on various topics including thoughts on Link's new locomotive, the actual name 'Spirit Tracks', where it fits in with the other Zelda games, and much more.

There were small problems with the live podcast, and about halfway through, it was no longer live on the Zelda Dungeon Forums. Additionally, there are slight audio problems and the three guests volume appear low. Nevertheless, the podcast is available for viewing in its original form.