Phantom Hourglass Characters
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Major Characters

Minor Characters

Major Characters

Link is at sea with his friend Tetra and her pirate friends. The game takes place just three months after Link’s epic journey in the Wind Waker, thus his cell-shaded form has returned. Link and Tetra begin the quest searching for the Ghost Ship in hopes to find some treasure. Tetra is captured and Link is quick to chase after her. He falls in the water and next thing we see, he is floating ashore to a new island. Link meets up with a fairy named Ciela and a pirate named Linebeck, who together set off across land and sea to defeat the evil waters that surround them and save Tetra.

Princess Zelda, or as she appears solely in this title, Tetra, is the leader of her pirate gang. She has ambitions to find the Ghost Ship and discover some new treasure. Unfortunately she is captured by the evil powers of the Ghost Ship and turned to a statue. Tetra is barely seen in the game as she is in statue form for much of it. After Link slays the evil Bellum, Tetra and Link say farewell to the kingdom of the Ocean King and return to their lovely pirate ship.

Once Link washes ashore at Mercay Island, the first one to find him is Ciela. She is a white fairy, much like that of Navi or Tatl from previous Zelda titles. She follows Link around on his quest giving him helpful hints and even some assistance during some battles. She has lost her memory, but once Link has defeated the Temple of Courage, it is revealed that she in fact is the Spirit of Courage and takes her true yellow form. As she gains her memory and power back, she can be upgraded with courage gems to allow Link to shoot a sword beam. Ciela later assists Link during the final battles with phantom spheres, which allow Link to freeze time and deliver the final blows to Bellum.

One of Link’s companions on his quest, Linebeck is very greedy, only cares for himself, and has a strong to desire for treasure. He is sarcastically mean to both Link and Ciela and is the comic relief on the quest. After Link saves Linebeck in the Temple of the Ocean King, Linebeck takes off with Ciela and Link on his own ship. Link and Ciela are on their quest to try and save Tetra, while Linebeck only cares for his ship and treasure. Linebeck always makes some sort of excuse to stay at his ship while Link journeys through the various islands and temples. Linebeck’s mood changes as the game progresses and he grows emotionally tied in with Link in his quest to battle Bellum and save Tetra. He helps Link escape Bellum during the final battle but is eventually captured by Bellum himself and is possessed by him to battle Link. After Link defeat Bellum, Linebeck gets his wish of a new boat and sails off to the sea.

The old man who at the beginning of the game is thought to be the grandfather of Ciela. He lives on the west side of Mercay and assists Link on his way. He is very reluctant to shed information about himself but promises that he will do so when the time has come. Link receives his first sword found in the storehouse of Oshus. The old man is later revealed to be the Ocean King and has the true form of a large white whale.

Bellum is the primary villain in Phantom Hourglass. Link does not find out of Bellum’s existence until well into the game and Oshus reveals himself as the Ocean King. Bellum attacked the Ocean King and used the Sands of Hours to seal away the three spirits within various temples. He also created the Ghost Ship, to lure travelers in with the thought of treasure aboard the ship. Bellum also created the phantoms within the Temple of the Ocean King. It is later revealed the only way to defeat Bellum, is with the phantom sword, which must be forged from the power of the pure metals. After Link collects the phantom sword and defeats Bellum, he isn’t quite done yet. He uses his power to merge with Linebeck to create more of a human form. After Ciela discovers the eyes as the weakness, Bellum is defeated. His body turns into the sands of hours and is absorbed by the phantom sword.

Minor Characters

This Eskimo like tribe lives on the west side of the Isle of Frost. When Link comes to visit the island, he realizes there are problems within the tribe. One of the evil Yook’s from the east side of the island has captured one of the Anouki and is posing as an imposter.

Anouki Island Chief
The head man in charge of the Anouki Tribe. He is worried about the Yook problem that they are having and has asked Link to help him out. After Link does solve the problem and defeat the monsters at the Temple of Ice, he is willing to part ways with the pure metal.

Aroo is a resident of the Anouki Estates. He has been captured by one of the Yook and being held deep within the Temple of Ice. One of the Yook is acting as a fake Aroo. Once he is caught, he blows Link out of his house and then runs away back to his side of the island.

She is a fortune teller who is located on the Isle of Ember. She is upset about her recent loss of her good friend, Kayo. After Link saves Astrid from her own basement, she will provide Link with some goodies and useful hints throughout the game. She later reveals herself as a member of the Cobble Tribe, who lived on the Isle of Ruins before it was flooded.

Beedle travels around on his boat throughout the great sea looking for travelers to sell his items too. The more you purchase from Beedle, the more he treats you like a loyal customer and gives you higher rankings, resulting in cheaper items. From time to time, Beedle’s masked friend will be running things. Rarer and more expensive items are found at the masked shop.

He is the leader of the Goron Tribe that lives on Goron Island. He is the father of Gongoron and after becoming a Goron Tribe member, he will allow Link access to the Goron Temple.

Cubus Sister, 4th
She is the first of the Cubus Sisters that Link encounters on the Ghost Ship and is located on the left side of the first basement. She claims to of known of the legendary Link and asks him to help save her three sisters. She thanks Link and even gives him a clue about the evil Reaplings that are around the Ghost Ship. After Link has saved the four sisters, they turn into their true form as the Diabolical Cubus Sisters, the bosses of the Ghost Ship.

Cubus Sister, 3rd
The second of the sisters that Link encounters on the Ghost. She is found at the northeast portion of the first basement. After Link recues her, he must escort her back to the left side of the room to reunite her with her sister. If Link runs too far away or if she gets hit, she will get scared and try to hide her face.

Cubus Sister, 2nd
The third Cubus sister that Link finds on the Ghost Ship. She is located at the top-left corner of the second basement on the Ghost Ship. She introduces herself as the 2nd daughter of the Cubus family. She claims to not know of Tetra but asks Link if he can escort her to her sisters. She gives Link bad advice on which treasure chest to open, which is the first hint that the sisters may not be what they appear to be.

Cubus Sister, 1st
The final of the four Cubus Sisters. She is hiding under a barrel all the way down in the third basement of the Ghost Ship. Once Link brings her back to her other sisters, they will reveal their true form as the Diabolical Cubus Sisters. They warp into these evil Ghost like creatures and are the bosses of the Ghost Ship.

He is the inventor that lives on Cannon Island. When he is hard at work, he will lock himself in, not allowing anyone to enter through the main entrance. He produces two main items for Link, the cannon and the salvage arm. The cannon allows Link to shoot enemies while at sea, while the salvage arm allows Link to bring up treasure that is at the ocean floor.

Fallen Adventurer
These fellows are all over the Temple of the Ocean King. They are just as their name states, fallen adventurers. They ventured into the Temple of the Ocean King but failed for various reasons. Link can still speak with their spirits and they give him valuable information so Link doesn't make the same mistake that they did.

Freedle lives his life playing his guitar like instrument at the northeast portion of Mercay Island. There are three boxes around him which are used to trade sea parts and treasures through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Lives on Cannon Island as well with Eddo. However, since Eddo has locked himself in his room working on his latest inventions, Fuzo is stuck standing guard on the outside. He does help Link by allowing him to access the rest of the island, which leads Link to the back entrance of Eddo’s room.

Golden Chief Cylos
He is a giant bullfrog who resides on the Uncharted Island. In order to reach the secret cave where he resides, you must hit the statues on the island in the correct order. He is a good friend of the Ocean King and is willing to help Link out on his quest. Cylos gives Link the cyclone slate, which allows him to warp to different locations along the great sea. There are six golden frogs in the great sea and after you speak with Cylos, hit the gold frogs with a cannon and they will give you their warp sign.

He is the son of Biggoron and is asked by his father to show Link the way to the Goron Temple. His impatience leads to him getting into the Temple first and getting caught. Link later finds him and helps him escape. With Gongoron’s help, Link is able to solve several puzzles throughout the temple. He also contributes during the boss battle with Dongorongo. Gongoron is once again a playable character in a mini game on Dee Ess Island.

Goron Shop Mistress
She is the female shopkeeper on Goron Island. She is the only non-Goron who makes her living on the island as her shop is located at the far southwest corner on its own small island. She sells the same items as the girls on Mercay & Molida. However, the bombchu bag is usually an item that is picked up at this location because of its location near the Goron Temple. Once you get the bombchu bag, a heart container is also for sale at any of the three shops.

The goron tribe have been a stable in several Zelda titles and they make an appearance in Phantom Hourglass as well. They reside on Goron Island, but some of them can also be found on Dee Ess Island. The leader of the tribe is Biggoron. Link must be very knowledge in order to join the goron tribe and access the Goron Temple.

Ho Hos
This group of travelers sail the southeast quadrant in search for the rare treasure, the regal ring. If Link happens to find one, visit the ship to get a hefty reward for it. One of the ho-hos is involved in the trading sequence. Link gives him the telescope in exchange for the guard notebook.

Imposter Yook
This imposter is one of the Yook's that live on the Great Ice Field on the east side of the Isle of Frost. He has infiltrated the Anouki Estates and captured Aroo, a local resident. Aroo was taken to the Temple of Ice and this imposter Yook has been living in the Anouki Esates, posing as Aroo.

She is a female pirate who seems to have a long lasting rivalry with Linebeck. At the early stages of the game it is unknown what it is actually about, but she will constantly jump aboard Linebeck’s ship. After Link defeats her, she will sail off only to return later in the game. It is later revealed that Linebeck had saved her life, then joined her on their pirate mission, found treasure, stole treasure, and left her. Now Jolene wants to get her payback with Linebeck. She has a sister named Joanne who she sends letters to, one of which happened to pass through Link.

She is the sister of Jolene who is first seen around Bannan Island. She dresses as a mermaid and acts as one for the old wayfarer. Joanne believes that Jolene is just dressing up as a pirate. She is part of the mermaid side quest that leads Link to getting the fishing rod.

He was the main supporter of his fortune teller friend, Astrid. When enemies came to the island, Kayo fought bravely but had fallen to them. He was the only one who knew how to open the door in the basement of Astrid’s house. After Link sees the spirit of Kayo on the right side of the island, he learns the secret to opening the door. Kayo also later gives Link a hint of some nearby treasure.

King Mutoh
After defeating Eox, the Ancient Stone Soldier, who is the boss of Mutoh's Temple, Link will be able to speak with the spirit of King Mutoh. He thanks Link for restoring peace to the Temple. Mutoh thinks very highly of Link since he has three spirit fairies of the Ocean King and was able to defeat Eox. Since he cannot help the Ocean King in his spirit form, he will give Link the Aquanine.

Knight Brant, 4th
Link encounters Brant at the end of the Phantom Corridor on the Isle of the Dead. He tells Link that this is where the dead of the Cobble Kingdom lay to rest. Link tells him he has after the Aquanine pure metal. Once he finds this out, he gives him the information that King Mutoh has the pure metal. He allows Link to pass through the door that leads to a treasure chest containing the Regal Necklace. Brant explains that King Mutoh isn't here, but with the Regal Necklace you can access the Isle of Ruins, where he is located.

Knight Bremeur, 3rd
Bremeur is located at the small Temple at the northwest of the Isle of Ruins. He tells Link that King Mutoh had the pure metal but that it was stolen. He later creates a bridge, giving Link access to the east side of the Island. Later on Link returns to Bremeur's Temple and uses the King's King to lower the sea level on the island.

Knight Doylan, 2nd
Doylan resides in his Temple at the northeast part of the island. It is the small temple that is located right next to Mutoh's Temple. Doylan is impressed that Link made it past the enemies of his temple and rewards him with the King's Key. He tells Link that he can use the Key in Bremeur's Temple to restore the land.

Knight Max, 1st
After speaking with Bremeue and Doylan, and after Link has lowered the sea level, he can access Max's Temple. Max explains that he cannot just let Link go to Mutoh's Temple and he must prove himself by drawing the correct crescent on the door. He does open a door which allows Link to reach the crest. The tablet by the door gives you a hint on what Link needs to do. He must solve the stars that are found on the tablets on the west side of the island to find the correct crest.

Leaf is a fairy just like Ciela, except Leaf is red. He is the Spirit of Power who was captured by Bellum and sealed away within the Temple of Fire. However, Lead is soon rescued after Link defeats Blaaz in the Temple of Fire. Once freed, Leaf is a protector of the sea and is under the power of the Ocean King. When Link collects 10 power gems and upgrades Leaf, Link will now be able to swing his sword with flames, causing double damage on all enemies. At 20 power gems, the sword will now always be flaming and will now do quadruple the damage.

Man of Smiles
This man is always happy as he sails the northeast quadrant of the great sea. Unfortunately his ship has been invaded by various enemies. After defeating all the enemies on the ship, he will offer Link a regular prize as well as a mysterious prize. Ask for the mysterious one and he will end up giving up both. One of them is the hero’s new clothes, which is the first item that starts the trading quest.

Mercay Farmer
Him and his family are the only residents on the west side of Mercay other than Oshus. He has a small farm just outside of his house, but it is filled with rocks. After Link helps him by removing all the rocks he rewards him with 1 whole rupee. Link calls him a cheapskate and he gives Link a clue that leads to a Big Green Rupee. If you later return to his small farm and speak with him, he will give you a random treasure. Be sure to cut down the weeds in his farm as they all have recovery hearts under them.

Mercay Shop Mistress
She is the resident female shopkeeper on Mercay Island. This is the first shop that Link will come by and its main attractions include the Wooden Shield and a Power Gem. Later in the game, the shop will have the same items that are being sold at the shops on Molida and Goron Island.

Milk Bar Owner
This man makes his living behind the bar of a Milk Tavern. Early in the game he gives you the information that Linebeck headed to the Temple of the Ocean King, but says it is dangerous and doesn't think Link should travel there. He eventually allows Link to go and marks the Temple on his map. He seems very up to date as to what is going on during Link's quest as Link can always talk to him and he will give him some sort of advice on where to proceed.

Molida Shop Mistress
Similar to the girl running the Mercay store, she is the female shopkeeper at the store in Molida. She sells the same items as the girl in Mercay. Most people usually buy the second quiver upgrade from her on Molida because of its convenient location to the archery game, where you get the first quiver upgrade.

Neri is a fairy just like Ciela and Leaf, except Neri is blue. He is the Spirit of Wisdom who was captured by Bellum and sealed away within the Temple of Wind. However, Neri is soon rescued after Link defeats Cyclok in the Temple of Wind. Once freed, Neri is a protector of the sea and is under the power of the Ocean King. When Link collects 10 wisdom gems and upgrades Neri, Link’s shield will be greatly upgraded being able to block stronger attacks, and he will only take half the damage. At 20 wisdom gems Link’s shield becomes even stronger and he will take a quarter of damage. Some attacks will not even harm Link when he has the Spirit of Wisdom out.

Nyave is the man in charge of the traveler’s ship that sails around the southwest quadrant. He isn’t quite a hero like he is supposed to be and his reaction to danger is to play dead. He becomes important during the trading quest as Link gives him the guard notebook in exchange for the wood heart.

This man sails on the traveler’s ship in the northwest quadrant and seems rather familiar, doesn’t he? He portrays himself as a hero, while he is dressed in green, and sails the sea aboard his red lion ship. Sound familiar? Anyway, Link duals swords with him and get a variety of items as rewards including a heart container. He is later involved in the trading quest. Link gives him the hero’s new clothes in exchange for the telescope.

Old Wayfarer
He used to live on Molida Island with his wife and son, Romanos, but left to pursue his many adventures. Several of his hideouts can be found on Molida Island and on the Isle of Gust. He has some obsession with finding a mermaid. After defeating the enemies on Bannan Island and finding Joanne, the Old Wayfarer is delighted and he gives Link a fishing rod. He later gives Link the Big Catch Lure and several goodies for catching certain fish. Later in the game, Link trades the wood heart to the man in exchange for the swordsman’s scroll.

He is a nice, caring fellow who loves to read people letters. He flies around all the islands, delivering messages whenever he has one to deliver. Link receives a lot of gifts in the mail from various people that are delivered by the postman.

He is the song of the Old Wayfarer and lives with his mother on Molida Island. He is saddened that his father is left and doesn’t understand his love for adventure. After Link discovers the route to the Ghost Ship, Romanos becomes more determined to be more like his father. He later opens an archery game in hopes to save some rupees to begin his own adventure.

Romanos's Mom
The mother of Romanos and the wife of the Olf-Wayfarer. She walks around the small farm just outside of her house. She originally doesn't allow Link to enter the cave, but later says it is okay if Romanos had said so. She is happy for Romanos letter in the game when he discovers that he wants to be like his father. She doesn't understand her husbands lust for traveling but wishes to be with him once again in the future.

This man seems rather bored as he runs his cannon game on the east side of Bannan Island. I guess he is so bored because nobody really visits this remote location. He is delighted when Link is interested in playing and even gives him a small puppet show of the rules.

Shipyard Worker
This man works at the house closest to the dock at Mercay Island. Link can use the shipyard to customize his ship with the various ship parts that he has collected. Getting the perfect match of ship parts will strengthen Link’s ship. If Link has damaged his salvage arm, speak with the shipyard worker and he will offer to fix it for a relatively low price.

The Ocean King
Mentioned from the earliest portion of the game, it is revealed that Oshus is actually the Ocean King. He is hidden in human form and his powers are limited because of the Evil Bellum. At the end of the game, peace is restored and the Ocean King is revealed to be a huge whale that protects the great seas of this world. He has the power over the three spirits, Ciela, Leaf, and Neri under his command.

Treasure Teller
He is the man that operates the treasure teller shop in Mercay Island. It becomes available after Link has solved the courage puzzle in the Temple of the Ccean King part 3. He is willing to purchase various treasures and ship parts from Link. Some of which are quite useless to him and he will only pay Link 50 rupees. Other he thinks are valuable and will pay 800 rupees for. While there are some which he thinks are extremely rare and will pay 1500 rupees for.

The rivals of the Anouki tribe. The Yook are large monster like creatures that live on the Great Ice Field on the east side of the Isle of Frost. One of them has captured an Anouki and is posing as one of them. Once Link has defeated the Temple of Ice, the curse on the Yook has passed and they will no longer attack Link. In fact, you can speak to them and they feel regret for doing what they have done.

Zauz is the well known blacksmith who even has his own island, Zauz’s Island. He gives Link a hint about progressing through the Temple of Ocean King, and is later responsible for forging the Phantom Sword for Link. It is later revealed that Zauz is not human, but rather, part of the ancient Cobble tribe that once lived on the Isle of Ruins.