Twilight Princess : Equipment Upgrades
Numerous upgrades can be found throughout the game. Some upgrades are required, but most are optional.

Bomb Bags
Link is able to carry a total of three bomb bags this time around. Read below on how to obtain each bomb bag.
- Clear the Goron Mines and the first one will be available in the bomb shop in Kakariko Village.
- Help Iza unblock the river by using the bomb arrows and destroys the boulders, you will be rewarded a bomb bag.
- Find the huge boulder in the throne room at Zora's Domain. Blow up the boulder to claim the final bomb bag.
Four bottles can be found throughout Hyrule. See our bottle guide to find them all.
Magic Armor
The magic armor requires a series of tasks to botain, follow these steps.
- Donate 1,000 rupees to the Elder Goron in Kakariko Village(Malo Mart) to help restore the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town.
- Accept mission and bring the barrel of water to the Goron at the bridge.
- Throw the barrel of water on him, he will give you a heart piece.
- Return to Malo Mart and donate 200 rupees (only if you completed the last two steps, otherwise you will have to pay 2000 rupees).
- Wait until you recieve a letter talking about the new Malo Mart in Hyrule Castle town (at the shop you couldnt enter before).
- You can now buy the Magic Armor for 598 rupees. Note that wearing this armor takes a great amount of rupees away, so use it very wisely.
N/A Quiver/Arrows
Big Quiver : Play the STAR game in the giant tent at Hyrule Castle Town. Beat it with the clawshot to get upgraded to 60 arrows.
Giant Quiver : Obtin the Double Clawshots and replay the STAR game. Complete the new challenge to hold 100 arrows.
To obtain your first wallet, bring in one bug to Agitha at Agitha's Castle in Hyrule Castle Town. Your first one holds up to 600 rupees. To obtain the Giant Wallet, find all 24 golden bugs and present them to Agitha. We will have a Golden Bug guide soon.