Twilight Princess : Bottle Locations
Here is a guide to help you obtain all four bottles in the game.

Bottle #1
The start of the game is where you get your first bottle. First acquire the fishing rod so you can catch a fish. Find Sera's cat near the riverbank and begin fishing. Once you have caught a fish the cat will take it from you and take it home. Return to Sera's house and she will give you a bottle.
Bottle #2
Venture to Faron Woods before entering the Forest Temple. Speak the Coro, the man you gave you the lantern earlier in the game. He will now offer you a bottle full of lantern oil for a 100 rupees, take the deal to acquire the bottle.
Bottle #3
Head to Hena's Fish Hole. Find where the small bridge is and a sign that says something about a bottle. Fish on the west side of the bridge by performing bobber fishing. You will eventually catch a bottle!
Bottle #4
Collect 20 Poe Souls and return to Jonavi's house in Kakariko Village. He will reward you with a bottle filled with Fairy Tears.