Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Ordon Village First part of the game in the Ordon Province up until you enter the wall of Twilight.
Chapter 2 - The Twilight The Prison, the Sewers and Hyrule Castle Rooftops, followed by gathering the Ordon Sword and Shield, and meeting the Spirit of Light, Ordona.

Chapter 3 - Faron Woods Twilight portion of Faron Woods, as a wolf.
Restoring light to Ordona and entering the Forest Temple.
Chapter 4 - Forest Temple First dungeon in the game, getting the Gale Boomerang.

Chapter 5 - Eldin In Twilight Hyrule Field, the Kakariko Gorge, Kakariko Village, and the quest to recover Edlin, Spirit of Light. Link's reunion with Epona.
Chapter 6 - Death Mountain Getting the Iron Boots, the first battle with King Bulblin on the Bridge of Eldin, followed by scaling Death Mountain.

Chapter 7 - Goron Mines The second dungeon of the game, getting the Hero's Bow.
Chapter 8 - Lanayru In Twilight Trying to find Illia, going to Hyrule Castle, finding the problem in Zora's Domain, collecting the 16 Tears of Light in the Lanayru Province.

Chapter 9 - Lake Hylia Doing various sidequests in Lanayru, Golden Bugs and Pieces of Heart. Also escorting Prince Ralis and getting the Zora Armor and Water Bombs.
Chapter 10 - Lakebed Temple The third dungeon of the game, getting the Clawshot.

Chapter 11 - The Master Sword Getting help from Princess Zelda, entering the Sacred Grove and retrieving the legendary Master Sword, followed by:
TONS of collection: Pieces of Heart, Poe Souls, Golden Bugs!
Chapter 12 - Gerudo Desert Malo Mart side quest, going through the desert and the Bulblin Fortress.

Chapter 13 - Arbiter's Grounds The fourth dungeon of the game, getting the Spinner.
Chapter 14 - Scaling Snowpeak Purchasing the Magic Armor and chasing after the "beast man" on Snowpeak.

Chapter 15 - Snowpeak Ruins The fifth dungeon of the game, getting the Ball & Chain.
Chapter 16 - Sacred Grove Going through the Sacred Grove for a second time.

Chapter 17 - Temple of Time The sixth dungeon of the game, getting the Dominion Rod.
Chapter 18 - In Search of The Sky Restoring Illia's memory, helping Impaz in the Hidden Village, recovering the Sky Characters and getting to the mysterious land in the heavens.

Chapter 19 - City In The Sky The seventh dungeon of the game, getting the Double Clawshot.
Chapter 20 - Palace of Twilight The eighth dungeon of the game, acquiring the power of the Sol and finally confronting Zant.

Chapter 21 - Cave of Ordeals Optional fifty floor dungeon full of enemies and collecting the final Poe Souls.
Chapter 22 - Hyrule Castle Final dungeon of the game, confronting the big bad guy!