Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough

Chapter 16: Sacred Grove
This part of the walkthrough covers a few new heart pieces that are now accessible. The walkthrough takes Link through the Sacred Grove for a second time. Link will collect numerous Poe Souls and will find the final two golden bugs. The walkthrough concludes when Link enters into the 6th dungeon, the Temple of Time.

Part 1 of 4:
Ball & Chain Goodies

0:04 Cave Atop Snowpeak
0:52 Poe Soul #49 (Ice Chunks)
1:59 North Hyrule Field: Block Cave
2:56 First Block Puzzle
3:45 Second Block Puzzle
5:30 Third Block Puzzle
6:47 Piece of Heart #33
7:24 Letters From The Postman
9:09 Telma's Bar: Rusl's Location

Part 2 of 4:
Snowboarding & Faron Woods

0:04 Snowboarding
0:34 Racing Against Yeto
2:33 Back To The Top
3:03 Racing Against Yeta
4:22 Piece of Heart #34
5:02 Rusl & The Ancient Temple
6:06 Golden Cucco
6:46 Platform Puzzles

Part 3 of 4:
Skull Kid Revisited

0:04 Chasing Skull Kid
0:46 First Hiding Place
1:11 Poe Soul #50 (Upper Ledge)
1:55 Second Hiding Place
2:34 Third Hiding Place
3:39 Disappeared? Look Up!
4:31 Second Skull Kid Battle
5:54 Sacred Grove: Removing The Guardian Statue
7:16 Shadow Beasts: Warp Portal
8:38 Side Area: Did You Get The Goodies?

Part 4 of 4:
Final Golden Bug & Temple Entrance

0:04 Poe Soul #51 (Near The Pedestal)
0:45 Male Snail (Near The Block)
1:09 Female Snail (Temple of Time Entrance)
1:55 All Golden Bugs Collected!
3:01 Giant Wallet
4:14 Temple of Time: Pedestal of Time