.:The Minish Cap Wind Crests:.

Windcrests are found all throughout the land. Using the Ocarina of Wind, found after defeating the Fortress of Winds. Link can use the Ocarina to call a bird and transport him to any Wind Crests that have been revealed. The locations are marked on the map to the left. Once you examine the Crest, there will be a small explosion and the Wind Crest statue will vanish leaving the Wind Crest symbol.


Hyrule Town
Located at the northern part of Hyrule Town near the exit to North Hyrule Field. It is just west of the school.
Minish Woods
When you exit Minish Village from the left. Resize and head up and the Wind Crest is right there.
South Hyrule Field
Located just north and east of Link's house.
Mt. Crenel
Located just west of Melari's Mines and just south of the Cave of Flames.
Castor Wilds
In the southern portion of Castor Wilds. It just all the way at the bottom just east of the large swamp area.
Lake Hylia
This Wind Crest is already marked once you get the Ocarina of Wind. You cannot reach this location without the Ocarina of Wind. It just located at the northern most entrance to Lake Hylia from Lon Lon Ranch.
Veil Falls
Once you climb the large wall in Veil Falls the wind crest is just to your left.
Cloud Tops
Just outside the House in the Clouds. It is in the second level of clouds.