001) Capless Link - A young boy who lives in Hyrule. He is close friends with Princess Zelda.
002) Ezlo and Link - A young boy on a quest with Ezlo to restore the Four Sword. With the sword's power, he hopes to remove the curse on Princess Zelda.
003) Princess Zelda - A bright and cheery princess from Hyrule's royal family. She loves to sneak out of the castle to visit her good friend, Link.
004) Ezlo (Cap) - A strange creature that looks at first like a cap. He speaks roughly and treats Link like a child, but he actually really likes Link.
005) Sorcerer Vaati - When the young Minish donned Ezlo's magic cap, he took this evil form. Now, he searches for the light force in his quest to become all-powerful.
006) King Daltus - The king of Hyrule. Reported to have been a fine swordsman, he appeared in the Picori Festival tournament as a youth and fought to a draw with Smith.
007) Minister Potho - The supporting pillar of Hyrule. He is also in charge of Princess Zelda's education, so when she goes missing, he gets frustrated.
008) Smith - The finest swordsmith in Hyrule. As a young man, he was a great swordsman. He and King Daltus are friends and enjoyed a pleasant rivalry as youths.
009) Mayor Hagen - The mayor of the town of Hyrule. He's a big collector of odd masks. He's built a shelter into his garden just in case monsters ever attack Hyrule.
010) Marcy - Second in command at Hyrule's post office. She's mellow and laid-back, entirely unlike the high-string and easily excitable Stamp.
011) Stamp - A busy, hardworking postal employee, although he can be a touch edgy. The stamp he uses is his own personal one, so please don't borrow it. Thanks.
012) Rem - The proprietor of Rem's Shoe Store. Using his "secret technique," he makes shoes in his sleep. Princess Zelda is his single biggest source of income.
013) Dr Left - A gruff-talking academic who is obsessed with studying the Picori. He doesn't seem to be aware that there is a Minish living in his own house.
014) Carlov - A sculptor of finely crafted figurines. Many consider him the best sculptor in all of Hyrule. He enjoys collecting Mysterious Shells.
015) Borlov - Owner of the Chest Mini-Game Shop. Carlov's younger brother. He detests gambling, but he has made the biggest gamble of all: entrepreneurship.
016) Stockwell - The handy neighborhood gear seller, also called Stockwell the Well-Stocked. He complains that he's been too busy lately to see his dog, Fifi.
017) Simon - His mysterious dungeon-simulation game is very popular in Hyrule. It gives players the illusion of fighting real monsters in real dungeons.
018) Gorman - He wants to rent out his home in town, but he's too overbearing to attract a tenant. He doesn't even seem to realize what the problem is...
019) Anju - This young woman tends to her cuccos in Hyrule Town. If you help her gather her loose cuccos, she'll give you a reward.
020) Brocco - Hyrule's vegetable vendor. He sells fine produce. He also argues constantly with the fruit vendor, Pina, over the health benefits of vegetables.
021) Pina - Hyrule's fruit vendor. She hates vegetables, so she won't even sell tomatoes, even though they technically ARE fruits. Freak.
022) Beedle - Though he is an adult, he is very good at finding Picolyte made by the Minish. And he is very, VERY convincing about their healthful properties.
023) Postman - A very serious mail deliveryman. He continues to make every delivery right on time every day.
024) Crenel Hermit - A hermit who lives on Mount Crenel. He has lots of Kinstone pieces. He brags that he won the festival tournament when he was younger.
025) Monster Lady - A weird old lady living in Percy's house without his permission. She doesn't want you to turn on the lights, because she's actually...
026) Dampé - The gravedigger at the cemetery. They say he has the power to speak with the dead. He fuses the Kinstones he digs up with the local ghosts.
027) Gustaf, Royal Spirit - The spirit of an ancient king of Hyrule who wishes to secure peace in his land from beyond the grave. He was very fond of the people of the Wind Tribe.
028) Syrup - A wizard who lives in the Minish Woods. She sells magic items with odd powers. She's looking for an apprentice to whom she can teacher her mystic spells.
029) Great Butterfly Fairy - The Great Butterfly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She provides you with a larger wallet, allowing you to carry more Rupees with you.
030) Great Mayfly Fairy - The Great Mayfly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She provides you with a larger bomb bag, allowing you to carry more bombs with you.
031) Great Dragonfly Fairy - The Great Dragonfly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She gives you a larger quiver, allowing you to carry more arrows with you.
032) Percy - A poet who lives in Trilby Highlands. He comes home from a long journey to find his house is occupied by an unwanted guest. Poor guy...
033) Nayru - She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is descended from a line of oracles in the land of Labrynna.
034) Farore - She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She's a very helpful person, but people take advantage of her kind nature. This really bothers her.
035) Din - She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is a famous dancer from the land of Holodrum.
036) Joy Butterfly - A rare butterfly said to bring happiness to those who catch it. If you see one on your journeys, try to grab it!
037) Gina - A strange Ghini who wants to fuse Kinstone pieces, which is somewhat peculiar for a monster. She has a lot of pieces, so keep on fusing!
038) Festari - A priest living in Minish Village. He speaks some human languages. He sees that Link is human with one look. He's a bit of a human enthusiast.
039) Gentari - The elder of the Forest Minish. He has lived among humans for a long time. He knows where the four elements are. He has a twin brother in Hyrule's library.
040) Forest Picori - Not visible to the eyes of adults, they delight in making humans happy by hiding helpful items and Rupees under grass and rocks all over the world.
041) Librari - This Town Minish elder is Gentari's twin brother. Those large wings that he is so proud of are trophies from a duel with a chicken as a young Minish.
042) Town Picori - These Minish like humans so much that moved from Minish Village into Hyrule itself! They try to make humans happy, but it sometimes backfires.
043) Melari - He lives with his seven apprentices in Mount Crenel, which contains all the mineral riches they will ever need. He seems gruff, but he's trustworthy.
044) Mountain Picori - These seven students followed Melari from Minish Village to Mount Crenel. Their song is actually a sign they are full-fledged Mountain Minish now.
045) Goron - These rock - and iron-eaters once lived on Mount Crenel in Western Hyrule. Now their numbers are few, and they live quietly in a cave.
046) Minish Vaati - Before he became a sorcerer, he was a simple Minish. He had always been entranced by the evil that lives in the hearts of men...
047) Vassals - These vassals serve the king of Hyrule. They are loyal and diligent. Like the king himself, they are courteous yet frank.
048) Library - The Royal Hyrule Library. Although the library is well loved, many forget to return their books, causing no end of trouble for the librarians.
049) Blade Brothers - All of these self-taught swordsmen have won the fighting tournament at the Picori Festival before. They see great potential in Link.
050) Wheaton & Pita - This couple bakes bread in Hyrule. Their tasty pastries hold a secret... If you're extra lucky, there'll be a helpful item hidden inside.
051) Funday School - This is where the children of Hyrule learn. Link and Princess Zelda studied here, too. The two teachers are twins named Tina and Dina.
052) Mama's Cafe - This is the best place in town to relax. You can also pick up some good tips, from the latest gossip to observations about the world.
053) Happy Hearth Inn - This generous inn gives a gift to every guest who stays the night. Guests can unwind in the lobby on the second floor.
054) Zill and Friends - Zill is the one in the middle. He likes to wander around town with his friends. He knows a lot about the town, and he might even give you some tips!
055) The Carpenters - These carpenters may be rough around the edges, but they do good work. They may seem tough, but they're in touch with their feminine side.
056) Young Couple - Romio and Julietta grew up next door to one another. They're dating now, but they plan to marry once they get their pets' approval.
057) Peaceful Hyrule 1 - Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 1
058) Peaceful Hyrule 2 - Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 2
059) Peaceful Hyrule 3 - Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 3
060) Cucco! - With a boisterous crow and a cure crest, these feathered friends are the most popular pets in Hyrule. The baby chicks like small bugs.
061) At Long Lon Ranch - This small ranch lies just outside Hyrule Town. Father-and-daughter team Talon and Malon run it, and they sell the finest milk in Hyrule!
062) The Wind Tribe - The people who built the Wind Ruins. They now live above the clouds, suspended by their own magic ability to control the wind.
063) Greagal & the Ghost - An old man by an evil spirit. Coming to his aid will bring you benefit in the end, so if you meet him, you must find a way to help him.
064) Tingle Siblings? - Tingle (in green) and his twin younger brothers Ankle (in purple) and Knuckle (in blue). They believe fusing Kinstones will help them to meet fairies, so they are recording Kinstone data on their maps. David Jr. is not technically a relative.
065) Eenie & Meenie - The Hyrulean vegetables grown in their fields are exquisitely delicious. Apparently, Brocco sells the best of their crops.
066) Goron Merchant - This Goron appears when you successfully fuse certain Kinstone pieces. He will sell you expensive but rare, Kinstone pieces.
067) Spookter & Spekter - Ghosts from the Royal Valley. The one in the blue cap is Spookter, and the one in the red cap is Spekter. Spookter tries to be scary, but he's just not.
068) Sluggula - Appears in Minish dungeons. They drop from the ceiling unexpectedly. They are slow, so take your time, and defeat them one by one.
069) Scissors Beetle - Appears in Minish roads & dungeons. These monsters have sharp mandibles. Hit them when they shoot these away. Avoid their attacks to get in close.
070) Moldworm - Appears in Minish roads & dungeons. They come out of the ground when they sense prey. If you get swallowed, you'll take damage and get all dirty!
071) Spiked Beetle - Appears in dungeons. Covered in hard, spiny shells. Few attacks work on them. You have to flip them over to hurt them.
072) Eyegore Statue - Appears in Castor Wilds. They move when you put an arrow in their eye. No other attacks work. You can always just let them pass...
073) Business Scrub - Appears in caves, etc. Normally stay underground. They'll pop out and spit seeds at you, but if you get to know 'em, they're not so bad.
074) Armos - Appears in the Wind Ruins. Built by the Minish for the Wind Tribe long ago. They look stone statues, but if you get too close, they move!
075) Keese - Appears in various areas. These bats live in dungeons and caves. Their movement is unpredictable, so use range weapons from a safe distance.
076) Keaton - Appears in various areas. This thieving fox preys upon travelers and merchants. He may not be strong, but he will attack you very quickly, so be careful.
077) Ghini - Appears in the Royal Valley, Dark Hyrule Castle, etc. These dark beasties are attracted to light, and if they attack you, they may suck your life away.
078) Gibdo - Appears in the Palace of Winds. These mummies keep coming at you when you attack. It's better to fight from a distance if you want to avoid damage.
079) Rollobite - Appears in various areas. His hard shell protects him from swords, but once he rolls into a ball, you can use the Gust Jar to draw him in.
080) Spark - Appears in dungeons. They cling to walls and move quickly. Normal attacks may not work, but the boomerang is pretty effective.
081) Dark Nut - Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. These armor-clad soldiers are tough. Use your shield and Roll Attack to find and opening in his defenses...
082) Red Dark Nut - Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. These Dark Nut commanders are strong, but if you relax and find an opening you can still defeat them.
083) Chaser - Appears in dungeons. They move quickly to chase you once they spot you. If you attack, they'll stop. Use that to your advantage.
084) Rock Chuchu - Appears in various areas. These tough Chuchus have rocky heads. It will be hard to damage them until you can knock that rock off.
085) Moldorm - Appears in various areas. These guys move quickly and randomly. Trap them in a corner and take them out quickly.
086) Door Mimic - Appears in the Royal Valley & Dark Hyrule Castle. They look like doors, but they're really traps! If you get too close to one, it will fall down on you!
087) Peahat - Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. These strange beasts hover on propellers-like leaves. You can pull them out of the sky with your Gust Jar.
088) Helmasaur - Appears in various areas. Their fronts are protected with metal masks, but their backsides aren't! Pop off that mask for an easy battle.
089) Wall Master - Appears in dungeons. If these guys grab you, they'll send you back to the start of the dungeon. Doge them as they fall, then attack.
090) Floor Master - Appears in dungeons. If these guys grab you, they'll send you back to the start of the dungeon. Watch out when he attacks with others.
091) Acro-Bandits - Appears in the Easter Hills, etc. Five of them pop out at once. If you smack each one as they pop out of the ground, they're a piece of cake.
092) Bob-omb - Appears in dungeons. They often gather in groups in narrow areas. Once activated, they go a little crazy. Take them out with arrows.
093) Bombarossa - Appears in dungeons. They float in the air and explode when touched. Walk carefully, and you may escape unhurt...
094) Like Like - Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. Don't let them grab you: they'll eat your shield if they hold you long enough. Swing your sword to escape.
095) Rupee Like - Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. This Rupee Like has a Rupee dangling from its head stalk. This clever lure attracts greedy and delicious heroes.
096) Rope - Appears in various areas. They'll come straight for you if they spot you. Just swing your sword when they charge at you.
097) Boulder - Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. These huge boulders come crashing down from cliff walls. They fall in a random pattern, so watch your step!
098) Ball & Chain Soldier - Appears in the Palace of Winds and Dark Hyrule Castle. They not fast but that iron ball is a bruiser! Try to hit them after they swing the ball.
099) Spiny Beetle - Appears in various areas. They hide under common rocks and grass. Be careful, because they can pop out when you least expect it!
100) Spear Moblin - Appears in Minish Woods, etc. They rush at you on sight. They also block head-on attacks with their spears, so circle around to attack.
101) Bow Moblin - Appears in various areas. They fire arrows at you on sight. Block these with your shield and then close in to attack.
102) Cloud Piranha - Appears in the sky. They swim through clouds like fish in water. Attack them in that brief when they pop out!
103) Mulldozer - Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue ones. They may look small and weak, but their hard shells make them formidable.
104) Pesto - Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue ones. The blue ones are stronger and throw things down on your head.
105) Puffstool - Appears in Deepwood Shrine. These mushroom beasties scatter spores all over dungeons. When their caps are red, they are invincible.
106) Wizzrobe - Appears in the Palace of Winds & Dark Hyrule Castle. They fire magic bolts from afar. Hit them when they appear so they don't cast another spell!
107) Fire Wizzrobe - Appears in the Palace of Winds & Dark Hyrule Castle. They wield fire magic. Hit them when they appear so they don't cast another spell!
108) Ice Wizzrobe - Appears in the Palace of Winds & Dark Hyrule Castle. They wield ice magic. They're weak against fire, so attack with fire for a quick battle!
109) Wisp - Appears in dungeons. They float midair. They won't hurt you, but if you touch, they won't be able to use your sword for a while.
110) Octorok - Appears in various areas. There are red and blue ones. They've appeared in every Zelda game to date. They spit rocks, so careful!
111) Golden Octorok - Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Octorok. It can't be confirmed, but they are said to shoot chunks of pure gold...
112) Golden Tektite - Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Tektite. Its basic attack is the same, but it has much more power.
113) Golden Rope - Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Rope. It's much more aggressive than the normal ones: it will attack you on sight.
114) Crow & Takkuri - Appears in various areas. The black one is Crow. If you touch Takkuri, he will steal Rupees from you, so be careful!
115) Lakitu - Appears in the sky. They float on clouds. They don't move, but they do throw lightning bolts. Steal their clouds with Gust Jar.
116) Stalfos - Appears in dungeons. Blue ones jump, and red ones throw bones. See what happens when you remove their heads with the Gust Jar.
117) Beetle - Appears in various areas. They appear under rocks and grass. If they grab you, you won't be able to move. Swing you sword to get away.
118) Chuchu - Appears in various areas. Chuchus come in many colors. Each color is a little different, but ranged weapons work well against all.
119) Tektite - Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. They move by jumping long distances. Their movement can be unpredictable, so attack them when they are still.
120) Trap - Appears in various areas. A trap with sharp blades. Some are triggered by nearby intruders, while others follow a set path.
121) Leever - Appears in Wind Ruins, Veil Falls. These baddies move freely undergound when attacking. You never know where they will pop up, so keep your shield raised and at the ready!
122) Madderpillar - Appears in Deepwood Shrine, etc. This caterpillar moves in a zigzag pattern. If you hit on the nose, he gets upset and starts running around.
123) Spiny Chuchu - Appears in various areas. These Chuchus project spikes from their bodies at the first sign danger. Try a well-placed bomb.
124) Octorok - Appears in the Temple of Droplets. Frozen solid by the power of the Water Element. He's been frozen so long that his hunger is unbearable.
125) Gyorg Pair - Appears in Palace of Winds. Females are larger than males. They fly around the Palace of Winds, preying on adventurers.
126) Biggoron - This is a legendary Goron with a body bigger than a mountain. It is so big, in fact, no one has ever seen it all at once.
127) Big Green Chuchu - Appears in Deepwood Shrine. A perfectly ordinary Chuchu. Though not much of an enemy usually, they are terrifying to anyone Minish-sized.
128) Gleerok - Appears in the Cave of Flames. A Gleeok with a hard, rocky shell found in Mount Crenel. Hiding in lava, this beast spews fire one everything it sees.
129) Mazaal - Appears in the Palace of Winds. Constructed by the Wind Tribe to repel intruders, this sturdy machine cannot be destroyed by any external force.
130) Big Blue Chuchu - Appears in the Temple of Droplets. An ordinary blue Chuchu. Fighting him while Minish-sized is daunting, but just avoid that electric attack.
131) Zelda & Link - These two became fast friends because of Smith and the king of Hyrule. Zelda wishes that the sometimes unreliable Link were just a wee bit stronger.
132) Minish Ezlo - The Minish Ezlo, before he was cursed by Vaati. He is famous Minish sage. Even among Minish inventors, he was renowned for his amazing creations.
133) Black Knight - Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. This is the strongest Dark Nut, with a good balance of attack and defense. They will do anything to stop you.
134) Vaati Reborn - The sorcerer Vaati took this form after draining the power of the light force from Princess Zelda. The evil beams his eyes are devastating.
135) Vaati Transfigured - Once Vaati's body has been shattered, this dark form rises up, all that remains of the evil sorcerer. Only the sacred Four Sword can defeat him.
136) Vaati's Wrath - This is the embodiment of purest evil, the final form of the power-mad Vaati. Its mind is consumed with a hunger for destruction. Find its weakness.