Big Green Chuchu

Location - Deepwood Shrine
Items Needed - Gust Jar, Sword

Description - This green chu chu appears as a giant but in reality it is the same enemy that you have been battling in the Minish Woods. There is an obvious twist to it. You are Minish Link during this battle so usual simple enemy is now the guardian of the Earth Element..

Attacks - His attacks are pretty basic. For one he will sway left and right simply trying to run into Link. Once he has been sucked in and he falls to the ground he can hurt Link by collapsing onto him. Lastly, he tends to jump around the room as well so try to avoid him landing on you.

How to Defeat - It is relatively simple to defeat this Chu Chu. Equip your sword and gust jar and suck in his lower body. It will shrink down and eventually he won't be able to support himself and he will collapse to the ground. Strike him repeatedly with your sword until he sits back up. Repeat this strategy a few times until he has been defeated.

Location - Cave of Flames
Items Needed - Cane of Pacci, Sword

Description - The main boss of the Cave of Flames and the guardian of the Fire Element. Gleerok lives in his pit of Lava in the center of the room.

Attacks - Gleerok will shoot fire out of its mouth out at Link. This first attack is relatively easy to avoid. Once you has been hurt he will spit out a large circle of fire that will cover most of the area. He will also dive into the lava and rocks will fall from the ceilling. Lastly, after he is hit his lava pit will expand to one block of the room walls.

How to Defeat - You need to run around him in circles in order to get behind him. This is relatively east to do and once you get a good shot use your Cane of Pacci on its back. He will get stunned and his head will fall down creating a bridge to his main body. Walk up its next and strike him with your sword repeatedly. Be sure to get off the next once he starts shaking. Repeat this same method a few times and he will be defeated.

Location - Fortress of Winds
Items Needed - Bow & Arrow, Sword, Mole Mitts

Description - A classic Zelda type boss that makes some sort of appearance in many Zelda games. Mazaal consists of his main head area as well as two detached arms.

Attacks - Three main attacks for Mazaal. Mazaal will use one of his hands to swipe across the room trying to grab Link. Mazaal will also fold is hand into a fist and use it to try and squash Link. After you have gotten inside Mazaal twice he will unleash his third attack of shooting lazars out of his eyes.

How to Defeat - Use your Bow & Arrow and shoot the eye-like things on each hand of Mazaal. Strike both the hands with arrows and then swing at them with your sword. Once both hands have been defeated the head portion of Mazaal will fall to the floor. Quickly head to the top of the room and shrink down to minish size. Climb into Mazaals head and you will notice six pillars here. One of them is flashing. Run up to the flashing one and strike it with your sword repeatedly. After it blows up you will be taken back outsidehis head. Resize and repeat the process again. The next time you shrink down inside you will need to use your Mole Mitts to dig the ground to find the right pillar. The third time in you also need to dig to find the right pillar. Three times will defeat Mazaal.
Big Octorok

Location - Temple of Droplets
Items Needed - Sword, Flame Lantern, Pegasus Boots

Description - Like the Big Green Chuchu fight before, this battle is with a regular Octorok but you battle him as a Minish making the battle a lot more difficult. He has power to change the setting of the room to ice and has a variety of different attacks. Big Ocotorok is the guardian of the Water Element.

Attacks - Big Octorok has several attacks. In his first form he will shoot out rocks out of his mouth out at Link. When the ground turns the ice Big Octorok will try and suck Link in and shoot him against a wall. He will also try to ram into Link. Once he turns the ground back to normal he will get another attack, he will now walk up to Link and then try to suck him in. Once he is back in his ice phase again he will not charge into the wall making rocks fall from the ceiling. During these different phases Big Octorok will also shoot out a black cloud which will make the room go dark as well. In his final phase he will stay near the center and his a variety of his attacks on Link.

How to Defeat - When Big Octorok is shooting rocks out at you simly use your shield to deflect them back at him. When he is in his ice phase you need equip the flame lantern and try to get around him and set his back tail on fire. This is quite annoying in the final phase of the battle and the best strategy is to use your Pegasus Boots.

Location - Palace of Winds
Items Needed - Sword, Roc's Cape

Description - The Gyorg Pair is a very unique boss. There are two body portions of Gyorg as you would guess by the name. They have a variety of attacks and Link must also account for lack of walls. This boss battle takes place in mid-air! It gets pretty chaotic during this battle with so much stuff going on at once. The Gyorg Pair are the protectors of the Wind Element.

Attacks - The Gyorgs have a variety of attacks. While you are on Big Gyorg you will small frog looking creatures will come flying from all directions. Also as the battle goes on small balls will be shot at Link. Too add to it towards the end of the battle Small Gyrog will fly by youduring the battle. After wounding Big Gyorg the battle shifts so that you are on Small Gyorg. He will swing his tail around his body so you must jump to avoid it. Also, more flying enemeies will be comes towards you so be careful.

How to Defeat - Probably the toughest boss in the game. On Big Gyorg you will notice eight eye balls. Those are its weak points. You will see three of them appear at once. Clone three Links and run up to them slicing at them with your sword repeatedly until new eyes form. Repeat this process again by cloning three Links. After a few rounds of this you will need to use Roc's Cape and jump onto Small Gyrog. One of his four eyes will peak out so just swipe at it with your sword. A few times and then you will need to jump back on to Big Gyorg. Same process here but with some new attacks at your and he has shifted ninety degrees. Keep repeating this process until the Gyorg Pair has been defeated.
Vaati Reborn

Location - Dark Hyrule Castle
Items Needed - Sword, Gust Jar

Description - Vaati uses the power of the Light Force to transform his body into this eveil sorcerer known as Vaati Reborn. This first phase of Vaati is actually one of the easiest bosses in the game and shouldn't be much of a problem even if your health bar is low. This phase of Vaati awfully resembles Patra from the original Legend of Zelda game.

Attacks - Vaati Reborn has a few simple attacks. For one he will be floating around the room with protective eyes around him. The eyes will also stop and shoot lazers straight down and are relatively easy to avoid. Not really an attack but after Vaati Reborn has been harmed he will start to teleport around the room making it harder for you to attack him.

How to Defeat - To defeat this first form of Vaati is relatively easy. Simply defeat the surrounding eyes by striking them with your sword. Once all the eyes are dead run up to Vaati Reborn and strike the large central eye in the center of Vaati. After a few strikes Vaati's surrounding eyes will now have black shields on them. Just use your gust jar on them and they will be back to normal eyes. Kill the eyes once again and strike the central eye. Repeat this untill Vaati Reborn has been defeated.
Vaati Transfigured

Location - Dark Hyrule Castle
Items Needed - Bow & Arrow, Sword

Description - Vaati Transfigured is the second form that Vaati takes. The eyes surrounding him have now become more attacked to his body.

Attacks - Be careful of Vaati Transfigured just wandering around the room as if he runs into Link it will hurt Link. This form of Vaati will also send out some energy beems out at Link. He will also shake the ceiling so that these weird looking purple blocks will fall and stay on the ground. Simply avoid them or strike them with your sword to eliminate them. Some will leave some items for you to grab.

How to Defeat - The first thing you need to do is equip your arrows and shoot the surrounding eight balls around Vaati Transfigured. Four of the balls will contain red eyes. Clone four Links to match where the eyes are located and strike them all at once with your sword. His defence will fall so run up to his main eyes and swing away using your sword. Repeat this process a few times until Vaati Transfigured is defeated.
Vaati's Wrath

Location - Dark Hyrule Castle
Items Needed - Cane of Pacci, Flame Lantern, Sword

Description - Vaati's Wrath is the final boss in the game. It takes on two forms with the first being his main body with two long arms to its sides. Once those are defeated Vaati will ship to using its eyes to shoot stuff out at Link. Arguably the toughest boss in the game, you need to time your hits perfectly in order to defeat Vaati's Wrath.

Attacks - In the first portion of this battle Vaati's Wrath will stick his arms into the ground and they will come up where Link is located. You need to always be moving in order to avoid his hands. Also the main portion of his body will be constantly moving so try to avoid that as well. While you are inside of his hands the many enemies here will try to harm Link. In his final form Vaati's Wrath will shoot out some enery balls through his eyes. They come quickly so are hard to time so be careful.

How to Defeat - The first step in defeating Vaati's Wrath is to wait for one of its arms to go underground. Once it does so wait for it to come back up and use the Cane of Pacci on it to flip it. Once you have done so head to the rock and shrink down to Minish Size. Climb up into the arm and you will find a bunch of small enemies moving around. You must destroy the one with a red eye on it. Once you have defeated that arm resize and repeat the process with the second arm. This time however when you enter the arm it will be pitch dark, so use the Flame Lantern to light up the room to find the red eyed enemy. The next phase of the battle Vaati's Wrath will have four eyes open in front of him. What you need to do here is split into four links at the bottom and wait right under his eyeballs. They will shoot four beems out at Link. Slash your sword to reflect all four at the same time back at him. Once he is hit run up to him and slash at him with your sword. Keep repeating this until you have defeated the Vaati's Wrath.