.:The Wind Waker Songs:.

After recieving the Wind Waker, you are able to learn numerous songs to receive magical effects. There are six songs in the game, one (Song of Passing) is optional. Here is a list of the different songs that Link can play on his Wind Waker as well as a short description of what the song does.

You will learn the Wind's Requiem on Dragon Roast Island. The Wind's Requiem will allow Link to change the direction of the Wind. This song can only be used while you are outdoors.

Shoot Cyclos down with an arrow and then talk with him. Cyclos is a red froglike creature inside a whirlwind. He will teach you the Ballad of Gales. The Ballad of Gales will allow Link to warp to different areas on the map. The song will only work when Link is on his boat in open water.

You will learn the Command Melody inside the Tower of Gods. This song will allow Link to controler certain people and objects.

You will learn the Earth God's Lyric on Headstone Island. This song will allow Link to access the Earth Temple Dungeon.

Link will also learn this song on Headstone Island. This song will allow Link to access the Wind Temple Dungeon.

Taught to Link by Tott after showing him the Wind Waker. Tott is the dancer at Windfall Island.