The Wind Waker Items
This section contains all of the items in The Wind Waker.


Spoils Items
Dungeon Items


Outset Island
The telescope is the first item that you receive in the game as a birthday present from Aryll. She tells you that you can only have it for one day as it is her most prized posession, but you end up keeping it for the game's entirety. It functions just as any other telescope does, to see distant objects up close.

Hyoi Pear
Beedle's Boat
A Hyoi Pear is, as it's name implies, a pear. It is avaliable almost immediately, right after you get the first shield, from Beedle's Boat. It costs only 10 rupees each, and can be bought at any Beedle Boat location, except for Rock Spire Isle. This pear, when used, will attract a seagull, and allow to take control of it, letting you hit or bring back items otherwise unreachable.

All-Purpose Bait
Beedle's Boat, Hand-me Down Tuner
The All-Purpose Bait is the second type of bait that you can find in the game, again avalible at Beedle's Boat, for 10 rupees. This can be used to attract fishmen on the Great Sea to make your map better, or on dark patchs of ground to make pigs dig there. This bait can also be purchased using the Hand-me Down Tuner for 20 rupees.

Windfall Island
The sail is a very important item in Wind Waker, and without it, you could not get where you need to go. You first get it at Windfall Island early in the game, from a man named Zunari for 80 rupees. The sail itself is quite simple to use, just use it and you'll go wherever you need to. There is one imporant factor though, and that is wind direction. If the wind is not facing the way you need to go, you won't go anywhere. You can change the Wind Waker direction only after you get to Dragon Roost Island.

Tingle Tuner
Windfall Island
The Tingle Tuner is the first item that you receive from Tingle after you free him from jail on Windfall Island. It's shaped like a Game Boy Advance, and for good reason. If you ever plan to use the item, you need either a Game Boy Advance or a Game Boy SP, and a connector cord to connect to the Gamecube or Wii. Once connected, start the GBA or SP, and a screen will appear. Press A, and you will be able to use bombs. Use these bombs to bomb and area of intrest, usually a question mark, so make something appear.

The Tingle Tuner is primarily used to get the Tingle Statues from every dungeon in the game, which are worth 50 rupees each, or 500 rupees together. It can also be used to bomb other question marks, to get various things. On Outset Island, you can also stand in the boats on the shore to find Knuckle. Complete his sidequest, and he will give you the Hand-Me Down Tuner. This will allow you to purchase All-Purpose Bait (20 rupees), Arrows (50 rupees), and Bombs (50 rupees, only when you have full arrows), at a higher cost than what you would normally pay at a shop.

Windfall Island
The Pictobox is this land's way of taking pictures. You first get it after speaking to Lenzo, and completing his three sidequests to become his assistant. The pictobox can hold up to 3 pictures, at first only in black and white. After the Forest Firefly is found at the Forest Haven, you can take it back to Lenzo and he will upgrade it to the Deluxe Pictobox.

The Deluxe Pictobox looks exactly the same as the original pictobox difference, but there is one key difference, the ability to take colored pictographs. This new version isn't required to complete the game, but if you are planning on doing the Nintendo Gallery sidequest, you must have it to finish it.

Wind Waker
Dragon Roost Island
The Wind Waker is the game's main item, hence why it's named after it. It acts in the same way a conductor's baton does, to conduct time and various people. He tells you that back in ancient times, the King of Hyrule used this baton to conduct the sages to call upon the Gods. You first receive it on Dragon Roost Island from the King of Red Lions. To use it, simply press the button it's on, and Link will start using it. To play in 4/4 time, don't touch the control stick, to play in 3/4 time, push the control stick to the left, and to play in 6/8 time, push it to the right. Once you have your time down, use the yellow c-stick to play various notes. Up, down, left, and right play their respective notes, and not touching the C-stick at all creates a center note. There is one more thing you have to know, and that is to play the note, before the bar up top hits the center circle. If you don't do it in time, it will simply play whatever note you're point to.

There are 6 different songs that you can learn on the Wind Waker, 2 in 3/4 time, 2 in 4/4 time, and 2 in 6/8 time. You can use these songs to open up new pathways, use the cyclones to move across the Great Sea, change wind direction, and move certain characters.

Grappling Hook
Dragon Roost Island
The Grappling Hook is a pretty pivotal item in this game, and you first recieve it during the first dungeon in the game, Dragon Roost Cavern. Medli gives it to you to help you access new areas and finish the dungeon. It's used to swing across gaps that would otherwise be uncrossable. You can do this by taking out the grappling hook, and point it at a hook hanging out the side of a wall. When you are in the correct spot, you will see a yellow sun, indicating that you can swing. During this, you can also stop with R, and hang down, then climb up and down the rope itself.

This item is also used to pull up treasure chests and pots from the ocean floor, provided that you have a map indicating where something is. There is one more use for this, and that is to pull away Spoils items from enemies. While fighting an enemy that can give you a spoil, take out the hook, and swing it at the enemy, and this will take away from them whatever that spoil is. This is a much easier and reliable method to getting these spoils, rather than by chance after you kill it.

Deku Leaf
Forest Haven
This leaf is your main flotation device. You get it from the Great Deku Tree to try and save Makar from the Forbiddon Woods. Once you use it, you can jump off the platform you're standing on, and you will float to another spot. With this item, a new magic meter bar comes. When this runs out, you wil no longer be able to use the Deku Leaf, and will simply be left with a broken leaf. You can cut down some grass to get some more and refill it.

The Deku Leaf has one more use, and it will create a gust of air, when you are standing still. You can use this gust to move certain objects, allowing you to get to new places.

Forbiddon Woods
This Boomerang is the Forbiddon Woods' item. It functions as Boomerangs have in previous Zelda games, to hit things from far away, and multipe things at once. To do this, take out the Boomerang and put the cursor over what you want to hit. It will create a yellow sun in the same way the Grappling Hook does. You can select up to 5 objects to hit at one time. This item can also be used to attack enemies, but it's relatively weak.

Beedle's Boat, Pirate Ship, Bomb Shop, various chests
Bombs return in the Wind Waker, and this time they do just as they have before. Their sole purpose is to blow stuff up, whether it be rocks, platforms, or really anything blocking your way. You get these during the third pearl quest from the Pirate Ship, to attempt to get to Jabun. Anytime after this, you can buy them from Beedle's Boat for 30 rupees. We did see these bombs earlier in the game, in the Bomb shop, but they cost an outrageous amount, more rupees than we could ever hold.

There is also another type of bomb in this game, and it's actually the one you start off with, the Bomb Flower. This type is the less portable type, it grows on the ground, and once you take it out, you have a limitied time to use it before it blows up. These types of bombs will reproduce everytime you use them, so you don't have to worry about how many you use.

Hero's Bow
Tower of the Gods
The Hero's Bow, or more commonly known as the Bow and Arrow, returns midway through the game. It is the most useful weapon we have to shoot things floating across the sky, birds, switches, things of intrest, even people if you really need to. It works just like your basic Bow and Arrow, take it out, and use the arrows to shoot at whatever you want to. When you run out of arrows, naturally this won't work anymore, so you'll have to go and find some more. There are 3 arrow upgrades in the game, allowing you to carry more arrows to shoot with.

Skull Hammer
Forsaken Fortress (Second Time)
The Skull Hammer is the meanest and toughest hammer you'll ever see, and it sure does its job well. You get this after defeating Phantom Ganon on your second trip to the Forsaken Fortress, and immediately use it to squish the spikey pegs nearby. You can use it to squish any wooden or spikey peg in your way, and it also hurt some enemies, but like the boomerang, is still relatively weak.

Fire & Ice Arrows
Mother & Child Isles
These upgraded versions of the regular arrows can melt the coldest ice, and cool the hottest flames. You get them from the Fairy Queen on Mother and Child Isles. Their main purpose in the game is to allow you access into Fire and Ice Islands, to get the Iron Boots and the Power Braclets needed to progress. You can use them for the rest of the game, but they do take away your magic quite quickly. These arrows can kill enemies pretty quickly, and are sometimes even stronger than the regular arrows.

Wind Temple
Yet again, the Hookshot returns from previous zelda games. It functions as a hook that will grab things far away, and will allow you to latch onto them as well. It comes halfway through the Wind Temple, and is a fairly important item. This item can damage enemies as well, but isn't always very effective.

Light Arrows
Ganon's Tower
These magical arrows are the last item you receive in the game, and for good reason. They will kill any enemy you encounter in 1 hit, making them more powerful than any other item in your arsenal, even the Master Sword, and are used to defeat Phantom Ganon, all three forms of Puppet Ganon, and even Ganondorf himself. They use magic, quite a bit of it, just like the fire and ice arrows. You can find these after solving the puzzle and defeating Phantom Ganon for the second time, while inside of Ganon's Tower.

#1: Dragon Roost Island, #2 Submarine near Bomb Island, #3 Beedle's Boat at Rock Spire Isle, #4 Windfall Island
Though small and seemingly obsolete, the bottle is perhaps one of the most useful items we have. It carries all of our potions, all of our magic, fairies, water, most everything that we need to survive. There are four bottles that you can recieve in the game, listed above. You can put up to 8 things in the bottles. Red Potion, Blue Potion, Green Potion, Elixir Soup, Forest Water, Fairies, Water, and a Forest Firefly.
For more information, check out our bottles guide which shows how to get all four bottles as well as a list of all the items you can put in them.


Boko Baba Seed
Forest Haven, Forbiddon Woods, Savage Labyrinth
A Boko Baba Seed can be obtained from any Boko Baba that you happen to meet. You can use either the Grappling Hook to steal it away, or wait for him to die and see what you get. These seeds can only be obtained from Boko Babas, and can be found in your spoils bag after you obtain it. You can use four of them to create a Blue Potion in Hollo shop in the Forest Haven.

Golden Feather
Dragon Roost Island, Forbiddon Woods, Savage Labyrinth
Golden Feathers are special feathers you can receive from winged creatures that are prized by Rito girls. They can be found from Winged Mothulas, Peahats, or Kargarocs, just use the Grappling Hook to steal it, or kill it and see what you get. If you collect 20 of these, you can bring them to a Rito named Hoskit on the second floor of Dragon Roost Island to receive a Piece of Heart.

Joy Pendant
Platforms on the Great Sea, various treasure chests, Dragon Roost Island, Savage Labyrinth
Joy Pendants are heart-shaped necklaces that are very prized by some people, in particular Ms. Marie, the teacher on Windfall Island. If you give her 20 of these, she will give you the Cabana Deed, which is needed to complete the game. If you give her 40 more, for a total of 60, she will give you the Hero's Charm, which allows you to see an enemies health during battle. You can find these in every form of Bokoblin, just use the Grappling Hook to steal it away or kill them and see what they leave behind. You can also find them in various chests in the game, more frequently in the beginning dungeons.

Knight's Crest
Hyrule Castle, Savage Labyrinth, Tower of the Gods
These crests are are really bands that are worn around the waist of very talented swordsmen. You can find them mostly on Darknuts and their various forms. They don't appear very often in the beginning of the game, but after you make it to Hyrule Castle, there will be at least 10 of them ready for you. You can use the Grappling Hook to steal it from them, or wait until they die and see what you get. These enemies have a slightly higher chance of leaving behind thier spoil, for the fact that they almost always leave behind a dark orb, which, when broken, will reveal some decent money and their spoil.

There is one purpose for collecting these in the game, other than looking like you're the best swordsman, and that is Orca. If you collect 20 of these, and take them back to him, he will be amazed, and teach a new skill, the Hurricane Spin.

Skull Necklace
Savage Labyrinth, Hyrule Castle, Forsaken Fortress
Skull Necklaces are predominatley found on Moblins, use the Grappling Hook to steal it away, or kill them and see what you get. Like Darknuts, these have a higher ratio of being there if you do wait to kill them, because they also leave behind a dark orb that usually holds a Necklace inside. You can first find this necklace at the top of Dragon Roost Island fighting two Moblins, but after that they don't really appear too often until midway through the game, at the second time through the Forsaken Fortress, and down in Hyrule Castle.

They have two purposes for collection. The first is to give at least 3 of them to Dampa the Sailor, the man standing near the dock on Windfall Island, which will allow you to play a game with him. The second is to give 20 of them to Maggie's Father to receive Treasure Chart #2.

Blue Chu Jelly
Various islands on the Great Sea
Blue Chu Jelly is the rarest and most important Chu Jelly in the game. It can be found only from Blue ChuChus, and there are only 23 Blue ChuChus in the game, located on various islands. This Jelly can restore both magic and health. You need to give 15 of these to Doc Bandam on Windfall Island to make the blue potion avaliable for purchase at any time.

For more information, check out our blue chus guide which shows how to get all 23 Blue ChuChus.

Green Chu Jelly
Forest Haven, Forbiddon Woods, Savage Labyrinth
Green Chu Jelly is the Jelly that restores your magic power. It can be found from Green ChuChus, whether by stealing it with the Grappling Hook, or waiting for them to die and hopefully getting it there. You can also get these from Yellow ChuChus, but it's random between Red and Green Jelly. If you give 5 of these to Doc Bandam on Windfall Island, it will make the green potion avaliable for purchase at any time.

Red Chu Jelly
Forest Haven, Dragon Roost Island, Savage Labyrinth
Red Chu Jelly is perhaps the most simple form of Jelly, but still very important, as it revives your health. You can find these from Red ChuChus, and use the Grappling Hook to steal it, or wait until they die and see what you get. You can also get these from Yellow ChuChus, but it's random between Red and Green Jelly. If you give 5 of these to Doc Bandam on Windfall Island, it will make the red potion avaliable for purchase at any time.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map
In every dungeon, there is a dungeon map. This map will show you where every room in the dungeon is, and when you get compass, what treasure chests are inside of them.

Also found in every dungeon, the Compass always you to see where all of the remaining chests are as well as dungeon items and even the location of the dungeon boss. Also, it shows your current location on the map and which door you just came out of, further making it easier to understand where you are and where you need to go.

Small Keys
In most of the dungeons, you can find Small Keys which are usually the rewards of solving puzzles and will each open up one locked door. There are many of them throughout the dungeon, and they can only be used once each.

Boss Key
In every big dungeon, there is a Boss Key which you need to find in order to unlock the boss door and complete the dungeon. You're usually only able to find them at the end of the dungeon and they require the dungeon item to find.

Quest Items

Island Trading Sequence
This items slot is used for quest items used in the Island Trading Sequence which ultimately gets you the Magic Armor and a Heart Piece.