Link starts this quest with 3 foll heart containers, but there are 12 quarter heart containers scattered throughout the game. There are also full heart after each boss, and one special full heart.

-1- After Getting your shovel from the Black Tower, Go out and dig the pile of dirt to the right. Collect your heart piece.
-2- After beating the first level (Spirits Grave), go to where you met the kids. Go down one more screen and lift the rock to get your next heart piece.
-3- When meeting with Maple (the witch), a heart piece may fall out. It's totally random.
-4- If you plant a Gasha Seed, it is totally random, again, to get one. Keep planting!
-5- In the Maku path, there is one in a room that has blocks surrounding it. Push the bottom left block up and the one that was next to it to the left.
-6- From Wing Dungeon, go left two screens and down one more. Burn the tree thing and go in. Take a right and collect your piece.
-7- Start at the ember tree in Lynna Village, and head up one screen and left five screens. Now head up another two screens and you should see a cave. Enter the cave and use your Roc's feather and power bracelet to make it to the heart piece. This must be done in the past.
-8- In Symmetry village by the center house in the past, head left, down, left, up, left. Stay on the bottom part of the screen and play the tune of currents that you learned to return to the present. Head right one screen and collect the heart piece.
-9- in the past by the ember seed tree in Lynna Village, head up one screen. Now go the left most tree and play the tune of currents to make it so you are inside the gate thing by the shop. Go down the stairs and buy the heart piece for 500 rupees (woa!)
-10- In the present by crown dungeon, (you know, where you saved the elder goron) and jump off the cliff. Head down one screen and left two screens. You will see a cave, enter it. Now bomb the cracked wall a few spaces below him and pick up the heart.
-11- In the past by mermaids cave, go left one screen and up another. Go into the cave and reach the end. Go out and go right one screen. Now go to the upper right-hand spot and go to the present. Collect the heart piece by you.
-12- Alright listen good to this one. On Cresent Island in the present head to where you first met dimitri. Swim up one screen and right two screens. Swim through the little passage and go down twice. Now swim once left, down, left and twice up. Finally enter the cave and open the chest to find the heart.
Fairy Secret Fairy Secret- You get one heart piece for using the fairy secret from Oracle of Seasons, which I think is !%=spadeD Make sure you put that in to the fairy to get the heart piece. I am not sure what fairy it is because I just have it written down on a piece of paper from when I was writing other content.