Pumpkin Head- 2/10 difficulty
Description- Pumpkin Head is a disguise of a ghost.
Attacks- Energy orb- Pumpkin Head spits orbs at you. Jump- Pumpkin Head jumps up and down on top of you.
How to defeat- This boss is pretty easy. In the first part of the battle, you must attack his body until it disappears. Now you must equip your power bracelet and lift its head, which will show the ghost. Start slashing at him and he will go into the pumpkin head again. Repeat process if needed until he is done for.

Head Thwomp- 3-10 difficulty
Description- Head Thwomp is like a huge slot machine, but deadly.
Attacks- Spinning orbs- Head Thwomp shoots spinning orbs at you if he lands on blue. Rock fall- Head Thwomp smashes to the ground and causes rocks to fall on you if he lands on purple. Fireball shot- Head Thwomp shoots fireballs at you if he lands on green.
How to defeat- Defeating him can be tough for people that don't know what to do. You must throw bombs at him from the top of the ladder. He will start spinning, and if he lands on red he will take damage. If he lands on any others, try to avoid the attacks. To avoid the rocks hide under a platform, and to avoid fire balls stay at the bottom of the ladder. Collect anything else good that he spits out. Repeat process until defeated.

Shadow Hag- 4-10 difficulty
Description- Shadow Hag is a shadow that splits into four shadows.
Attacks- Fireball- Any of the Shadow Hags will shoot a ball of fire.
How to defeat- Shadow Hag can be very hard to defeat if you don't know what to do. Shadow Hag will split into four shadows, and each of them can deal damage. Equip your feather and jump over the fireballs. Once they are gone, some butterflies will appear. The butterflies are bad, don't touch them. Now the Shadow Hag finally appears. Equip the seed shooter and shoot the wall so it reflects and hits the Shadow Hag. Repeat process until Shadow Hag is defeated.

Eyesoar- 3-10 difficulty
Description- One big eye that has many other eyes surrounding it.
Attacks- Normal attack- Eyesoar or mini eyesoar attack you.
How to defeat- At the first part of the battle you must kill some of the mini eyesoars. Then, once you take out a couple, get out your switchhook and grab Eyesoar (the boss). The mini ones will scatter. Now run up to it and slash it with your sword. Repeat process until boss is defeated.

Moblin- 3-10 difficulty
Description- One big moblin, with two others by his side, that throws bombs at you.
Attacks- Bombs- Small or big Moblin attacks with bombs.
How to defeat- All you have to do for this boss is avoid the small moblins by moving away from the bombs they throw. Next just lift up the big bomb that the big moblin throws and throw it back at him. It should take about six hits and he will be defeated.

Smog- 6-10 difficulty
Description- One cloud that separates into smaller clouds of smog.
Attacks- Normal attack- It runs into you. Smog- Small blue clouds of smog that the broken parts blow out. Bolt- One bolt the full form of Smog blows out.
How to defeat- This is, by far, the most confusing battle of the game. There is four parts to the full battle. Read carefully or you will mess up.
Part 1- As you can see there is a mirror image of a shape. The two small smogs are going around it opposite ways. All you have to do is use your cane of somaria and make a block in the middle of the two figures. When the two smogs collide they will form the big boss. Slash him a couple of times, but watch out for the bolt (see attacks).
Part 2- Now there is three line of blocks. The two on the left should be formed first. To do this, just take out you cane of somaria and put a block in between the two blocks. A middle sized smog will form. Now make a block on the far left of the line of blocks. That block must be on the right side of the line though. You may already have one there. Now right when the big smog hits that block create another block right beside of it so the bigger smog will travel to the middle line of blocks. Repeat this process again with the bigger smog to make it travel to the farthest right of the blocks. Now both the big smog and the little smog should be on the same line of blocks. They may be going opposite ways of each other. If they are wait until they form. If they aren't then slash at the smaller smog so it stops and make the bigger smog crash into it. Slash at it a couple of times to go to the next round.
Part 3- Now you are fighting two smaller smogs again. This one isn't very hard. As you can see the little ones are going around two different block lines, and next to them there are two blocks. Make a block with your cane of somaria and wait until the small smog is on it. As soon as it gets on the block you made make another block next to it so the small smog travels the on of the two blocks next to the line of blocks. Repeat the process with the other one and try to make it so that they are on the same one of the two blocks. If they are going with each other continually slash at one of them to make the other one run into it. If they are going at each other, wait until they crash. Now slash at the big smog a couple of times to start the next part.
Part 4- This is the last part to the confusing boss. Back to three small smogs. Go to the far right and connect those two by making them run into each other. Just create a block with your cane of somaria in the little gap near the top where the middle smog goes through. Also you must make them hit on their second time around. It should keep going and hit the wall. Wait until they two of them crash together and start slashing at it until it dies. You have finally defeated smog!!!!!

Octogon- 5-10 difficulty
Description- Octogon is a large octorock.
Attacks- Normal- He runs into you. Rock- Shoots a large rock. Bubble- Octogon shoots a bubble that traps you inside so he can attack.
How to defeat- Octogon is not as hard as you think. It is mostly about dodging. You will start out in water. Quickly move onto the platform before Octogon can hit you. Now wait until he turns around and shoots a rock out. Move out of the way enough to where he can't hit you, but you can hit him. Slash him until he turns around again. Repeat process until he goes underwater. Follow him down, but don't go down right near him because he moves fast. Right when he stops, quickly swim up to him and slash him, then go back away again. Keep doing that until he goes back up. Now just keep doing the same thing as before and wait until he dies.

Plasmarine- 4-10 difficulty
Description- A jellyfish that uses his speed as an advantage.
Attacks- Normal- It runs into you. Electro ball- Plasmarine shoots an electric ball at you. Shock shield- Makes a shield of electricity around himself.
How to defeat- This boss is pretty easy for a last part of the game. All you have to do is swim to one spot. Plasmarine will follow you and land in that same spot. He will then either shoot an Electro ball (see attacks) or a use a shock shield. If he uses electro ball use your longshot to put him in your spot so that he changes color and gets hit. He must be a different color than the electro ball. Repeat process until plasmarine is defeated.

Ramrock- 6-10 difficulty
Description- Ramrock is a rock face that changes his hands form.
Attacks- Normal attack- Ramrock runs into you. Fist throw- Ramrock throws his fists at you. He does this in two different forms. Clamp- Clamps his hands together in his seconds form. Laser eyes- Shoots lasers out of his eyes. Energy orb- Ramrock shoots an orb at you.
How to defeat- This boss is very confusing to some people that don't know what to do. I almost couldn't figure it out by myself. Ramrock has four phase some are harder than others.
Phase 1- When ramrock throws is fists, hit them with your sword back at him. You may miss a couple of times. This is overall the easiest of the phases.
Phase 2- Now take out your bombs. When he stops and pulls his hands apart throw a bomb in the middle of his hands. You must throw the bombs from the front of him. Repeat this process until he goes into his next phase.
Phase 3- This one, overall, is the hardest part of Ramrock. Take out your seed shooter and use either scent, ember, or mystery seeds. There are more seeds in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now stand in one spot look straight towards the wall. When he comes close get out your seed shooter and time it so it hit the wall and bounces back to hit him. You can also try to angle it, but make sure you watch out for his attacks.
Phase 4- This one is much easier than the last one. Now you finally use the power glove. He will go back and forth, and when he gets in front of you, he will shoot one of the balls. Sometimes Ramrock might shoot both. When he shoots one hand grab the one that did not move. Pull it all the way back and let go. It will hurt him. Repeat process until he dies and you get the falling star.

Veran- 10-10 difficulty
Description- The main boss in the game. Veran has many different forms, such as a fairy, a turtle, a bee, and a spider.
Attacks- I will name the attacks for each phase this time (usually won't do that).
Phase 1 attacks- (this is the normal Veran) Spider fall- Veran will drop spiders down on the ground. Energy spreader- An orb that is above Veran's head that shoots smaller orbs.
Phase 2 attacks- (Fairy) Energy spreader- (see above) Blue orbs- Veran will shoot blue orbs randomly.
Turtle Phase- Jump- Veran jumps on you.
Spider phase- Web grabber- Veran shoots a ball of web that grabs you, and then she throw you around. Ceiling fall- Veran will grab the ceiling and fall down on top of you. Run- Veran will move fast and try to hit you.
Bee Phase- Stinger shot- Veran will shoot a bunch of stingers across the screen. Beehive bash (I like that name)- Veran will move across the screen and spread small bees everywhere.
How to defeat- This will go in Phases like the attacks.
Phase 1- (normal) I suggest you have a potion. Buy it from the witch in the graveyard. As you should remember, this was just like nayru. Take out your seed shooter and hit her when she is about to attack. Now get out your long shot and change positions with Veran. Slash her as many times as possible. Repeat process until you go to the next scene with the fairy form.
Phase 2- (fairy form) This boss will probably take out most of your life. Equip your shield and hold it in the whole time. It may reduce the amount of attacks that were supposed to hit you. First take out the dark links so they are out of the way. You will get one heart piece for each of them. Now to fight the fairy, power up your sword and wait until she comes by. Do not stand in front of her. Move to the side when you know Veran's coming. Let go right when she gets by you to get twice the damage as one hit. The other way is to keep down your shield and attack when Veran comes by. It's probably safer to do it the second way. Keep attacking until you think she is defeated, but with your luck?. You get grabbed by a wallshadow! This will also go into forms.
Turtle form- Take out your rocs feather and wait until turtle Veran is going to land on you. Jump out of the way, and keep doing that until Veran opens her eye. Slash her as many times as possible and repeat jumping until she goes to her next form, which can be spider or bee.
Spider form- Take out your bombs. Throw one at her so it hits her. Make sure you watch out for her attacks (see above). Once a bomb hits her, run up and slash her once or twice. Now keep doing that until she moves to the bee form or turtle form.
Bee form- The bee form is not hard. It's just like the fairy except you can predict where she goes. It's just an eight figure. Stay inside one of the circles where she can't hit you. Slash her until she goes away. Now get to the bottom of the screen. Veran will shoot a stinger shot (see attacks) and since you are on the bottom you should have enough time to dodge. Now she will let out bees, which can hold some good items like health. This boss may seem long, but I played this over and over and it's only 30 hits to finish the battle. Once you finally finish it you will see the ending.

Twinrova- 8-10 difficulty
Description- Two witches that want to unite the three fires and sacrifice to make Ganon come back.
Attacks- Ice ball- Iverova shoots ice at you. Fireball- Firerova shoots fire at you. Firekeese- Firerova send bats on fire after you. Ice travelers- Icerova sends two or three spiked ice balls.
How to defeat- In the first part they are separate. All you need to do is stay on the bottom of the screen and hit the ice ball at the fire twin or the fire ball at the ice twin. It only takes three shots in all, and then they move to Twinrova.
Twinrova phase- Take out your scent seeds with the Seed Shooter. Now if you are on the fire place stay away from the lava when attacking her with your sword. After you attack her enough she will turn the two different colors, I'm not talking about when she's blinking. It's just before that. Use your Seed Shooter and shoot her with the scent seeds. After awhile, she will say the she is going to sacrifice herself to bring back the king of evil, Ganon.

Ganon- 9-10 difficulty
Description- The lengedary beast that rules in most Zelda games.
Attacks- Trident fire- Ganon pokes his trident out, then shoots three fireballs that break apart into another three fireballs. Trident Smash- Ganon smashes his trident into the ground to stun you, then he shoots a gigantic fireball at you, which is his most powerful attack. Trident slash- Ganon slashes you with his weapon. Fireblast- Ganon shoots one orb going slow followed by two faster orbs. Backwards field- Ganon turns the screen blue and makes your controls backwards, while shooting fireballs at you.
How to defeat- Here piggy piggy. Ganon is the last boss and is not as easy as he is in other games (if you know what I mean). The only way to hurt him is to powerup your sword and let go before he teleports. I'm telling you now that it will be a lot easier if you keep your cape as control B the whole battle to avoid attacks. If you are powered up and you use the cape you will still be powered up. Don't try to attack him while he is trying to do a trident slash (see attacks). After about 10 hits (I think, I'm not sure if I counted right) he will be dead. Enjoy the final ending, and if you want to play again get the hero's code at the end of the game.