Ocarina of Time Cucco Locations

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3:09 Getting To the Secret Area
3:27 Heart Piece Early?
3:45 The REAL Way To Get There
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4:51 Collecting Remaining Cuccos
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Cucco Roundup
 ~ Kakariko Village ~ 

Bring back the chickens.

Don't hit them too much though...

...or they'll kill you!

 - There's a lady near the entrance to the graveyard standing in front of a small fenced area who waves her arms about pointlessly. She's known as "The Cucco Lady" and she's willing to give you a reward for putting the chickens back in the pen. Lazy woman...

 - They're scattered across the village and some of them are nearly impossible to get to unless you practically cheat. Also, for this quest, try not to harm them too much with any of your weapons, otherwise they'll pronounce a war cry of a cockle-doodle-doo and reign doom down upon you until you either leave the area or die.


Hell hath no fury like a gaggle of chickens... Beat one of these feathered buzzards up enough and it'll call a few friends, which will chase you down and kill you. They cannot be defeated, so the only way to get them to stop is to leave the area or enter a building. Nobody messes with chickens. NOBODY!

Between the Cucco Lady and the entrance to the Graveyard. Simple.
On the ledge next to the Skulltula House in the center of the village. Either use another chicken and jump off the higher ledge of the unfinished building to float over to it, shoot it with your Slingshot, or use a Deku Nut. If you do either of the latter, chase it down and grab it.

At the entrance to the village.

There is a crate near the stairs leading up towards the upper area of Kakariko Village. Roll into it to reveal a Cucco spy, the fiend!

Right in front of the guard at the entrance to Death Mountain, there is a Cucco chillin' near the ramp.

 - The remaining two Cuccos are in the northeast corner of the village, which you can't even get to unless you practically cheat. Why Nintendo decided to have such an obnoxious and awkward mini-game puzzle is beyond me. They don't even give you any hints on how to do this! Anyway, there's two ways to get to this "secret area."

Trick 1
Grab another Cucco, get up on the platform near the entrance to the windmill and jump off the ledge at an angle so you land on the skinny looking fence on the LEFT (closest to the potion shop).

Trick 2
Get on top of the lookout tower, hold Z while facing the center of the village, and side jump to the left. You'll land on top of a fence. Jump down into the "secret area". At this point, you can actually cheat and get a Piece of a Heart early (by talking to the guy on the roof). I won't do it now, for the sake of the walkthrough.

Toss them out of the area!
Once you finally make it into the "secret area," toss each of the Cuccos you find over the fence so you can retrieve them later.
This one is in the lower part of the area, near a hole. Be careful not to fall in, though! Throw this one over the fence and get the final chicken...
For the last one, once you get into the secret area, climb up the ladder and grab the unsuspecting Cucco. I like to fly back to the lady with this one.

The Prize

 - Once you've finally gathered them all and put them in the pen, speak with the Cucco Lady to receive an Empty Bottle! She then explains she couldn't get them herself because she's allergic to her own chickens. Why do you have them, then?! Crazy woman...
New Item:
      Bottle #2
Kakariko Village
These bottles are used to carry many useful things throughout your journey. Aww, this one comes empty...