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At the begining of Links quest, Link has four Magic containers. Link can find four more Magic containers that are scattered across Hyrule.
After getting the Candle, go south from where you start the game. You'll find a cave to the south and a bit east of the castle. After beating up a few Lowders and Octoroks the Magic Container is at the end of the cave.
After getting the Hammer, use it on the rock right after the cave from which you emerge. The rock is to the left of the cave. Fall into the black square. The Container is right there at the bottom.
In MazeLand, when you're given a choice between two L-shaped paths, choose the outer one. That path holds a a hidden pit, leading to your seventh Magic Container.
In the hidden town of Kasuto, be sure to talk to an old lady dressed in blue. She'll say "You deserve my help" and let you in. You'll find the last Magic Container in the last room of her house.

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