The Legend of Zelda Enemy Guide
Use this to help you defeat any enemies that give you trouble.

Armos: They are located throughout the overworld of Hyrule. They are hidden in statues. Once Link bumps into the statue they will come to life. Some move slow, while others move extrmely fast. Just swipe with your sword.
Bubble: The bubble's are located in the dungeons of Hyrule. If Link gets caught by one he wont be able to use his sword for a few seconds. They cannot be defeated.
Darknut (Blue): Probably the strongest enemy in the dungeon. These guys take a number of hits to kill, and you cannot hit them from the front as they always have their shield up. Slice your sword from the side and few times to defeat them.
Darknut (Red): Same as the Blue Darknut except these guys are easier to defeat. They take fewer hits to kill. Just use your sword from the side or back of them a couple of times to defeat.
Gel: Probably the easiest enemey in the game. These guys just crawl the floor and their only attack is walking into Link. Just use either your sword or your boomerang to kill them.
Ghini: Found in the graveyard, they are pretty easy to defeat. The ones that appear on the screen when link enters is, are the only ones that can be attacked. Few swipes with the sword and they are history.
Gibdo: These mummies crawl the dungeons. They are easy to defeat. Just use your sword. It may take a few shots with it, but they usually give out good rewards after you kill them.
Goriya (Blue): These guys are in the dungeons and are pretty common in the later dungeons. They throw boomerangs at Link. Thankfully Link can block the boomerangs with his shield. Just swipe with the sword to defeat.
Goriya (Red): They are the same as the Blue Goriya except they take less hits to defeat. Use your sword to kill.
Keese (Blue): Another very easy enemy that is in the dungeons. Use your boomerang or your sword to defeat them. Can be tough when they are in huge numbers.
Keese (Red): They only appear if Link defeats a Vire with the regular or white sword. The red keese act just as the blue keese. Use your sword or boomerang to kill them.
Lanmola (Blue): One of the hardest enemies in the dungeons. These guys are found only in the last dungeon and they move extremely fast. The magical rod and magical book are the best weapons against them. Stay a good distance and attack. You must kill each body part and then the head.
Lanmola (Red): Act the same as the Blue Landmola except they move a lot slower. Use the Sword or Magical Rod to defeat them.
Leever (Blue): Found in the overworld of Hyrule. They are a pretty common enemy and are pretty easy to defeat. Just attack them when they are near by.
Leever (Red): Same as the Blue Leevers except they take less hits to defeat. Also unlike the Blue leevers the red ones follow Link around and stay close to him. The sword will take care of them.
Like-Like: Found in the dungeons of Hyrule they try to grab link. If they do grab Link, mash the buttons to try and get away. If you dont get away fast enough the Like-Like will take your magical shield.
Lynel (Blue): Probably the strongest enemy outside of the dungeons. They shoot a sword at Link that can only be stopped by the Magical Shield. If the sword connects it does some decent damage. Use your sword to defeat them. They usually leave good rewards.
Lynel (Red): Same as the Blue Lynel except they are easier to defeat. Use your sword to kill them.
Molblin (Blue): Found in the forests of Hyrule. They throw arrows at Link. Any shield will block the arrows. Just use your sword to defeat them.
Molblin (Red): Same as the Blue Moblin except they take less hits to defeat.
Moldorm: Similar to the Lanmola these guys are found in the dungeons of Hyrule. Once you hit him once, he will loose a body part. Keep attacking until hes totally gone.
Octoroc (Blue): One of the simplest enemies in the game. These guys spit rocks out at Link. The sword will do the job here. Be sure to stay in front of them as your shield will deflect the rocks.
Octoroc (Red): Same as the Blue Octoroc except these ones are easier to kill. Sword will take care of them. They usually leave Hearts or Rupees.
Patra: Found only in the last dungeon these guys could be a pain as they cover almost the entire screen. If you have full hearts keep your distance while shooting your sword at the things flying around him. If not go up close and strike them but be careful as they fly close and away from the body. Once all the outside babies are gone, just go and strike it with your sword.
Peahat: They fly around the overworld of Hyrule. The only way to kill them is when they are at a complete stop. You can then strike them with your sword. If you don't need to kill them don't bother as they usually don't leave much of an award.
Pols Voice: These rabbit like things are in the dungeons of Hyule. They hop around and can deal a decent amount of damage if they hit Link. Use either your sword or even your arrows to defeat them.
Rocks: Found near the northern area of Hyrule. Rocks fall from the mountains. Just try dodging them as they cannot be defeated and there is an endless number of them. They fall in groups of three.
Rope: These Snake like creatures are in the dungeons of Hyrule. Once they see Link in the straight, line they will run fast at him. Use your sword to kill them off.
Stalfos: These skelaton guys are in several Zelda games. They have a sword to attack Link. Just run up and strike with sword a couple of times to defeat them.
Stone Statues: These guys shoot fireballs at link. The magical sword can deflect them, but these guys can be very annoying, especially when there are more than one of them in a room or if its a crowded room. They cannot be killed.
Tektike (Blue): Found on the outside of Hyrule, these spider like creatures hop all around Hyrule. Use your sword to kill them off. They usually award rupees after they are defeated.
Tektike (Red): Same as the Blue Tektikes, except they are killed easier.
traps: Found in dungeons, there are two of them that try to enclose Link. They are easily avoidable as Link needs to move in and then out. While he is out the traps will try trapping him and then slowly reset where Link can walk through. Just be patient.
Vire: Found in the dungeons these guys are pretty simple. Strike with your sword to kill them. If you have a weaker sword, once you kill a Vire, he will turn into two Red Keese.
Wall Master: They crawl from the sides of the walls. If it catches Link, it will take him back to the entrance of the level. Stay away from the sides or just use your sword to kill them.
Wizzrobe (Blue): Extremely annoying enemies. They shoot rays at Link that the Magical Shield can deflect, but it takes several hits with the sword to defeat. They move around the room quickly as well.
Wizzrobe (Red): Much easier than the Blue Wizzrobes, these guys just appear and shoot one ray. Link has a few seconds to kill them before or after it shoots the ray.
Zol: These guys split into two gels when they are attacked. If Link has the White or Magical sword, just one swipe will totally eliminate them in one hit. They are very slow moving and should be easy to defeat. They appear in the dungeons of Hyrule.
Zola: Found in water in the overworld of Hyrule. They shoot fireballs at Link before quickly moving underwater. try avoiding them and the easiest way to kill them is when Link has full hearts and can shoot his sword at them. The magical shield can deflect its Fireballs.