Joe Pesci

The last Legend of Zelda movie we saw was full of absolute nobodies. As a low-budget, independent fan-film, that’s exactly what you’d expect. And as long as any of us will be around, that’s probably going to remain the case—if anybody still seriously thinks we’re going to see Hollywood tackle a Zelda flick, they haven’t seen the previous attempts of capitalizing on big-name Nintendo titles.

Regardless, it’s always fun to compose custom cast lists of who would play who in the unlikely event of a Hyrulean motion picture adventure. The comedians who populate our very own forums have thrown out brilliant ideas such as Sopranos legend James Gandolfini as Ganondorf, Gilbert Gottfried as Navi, Morgan Freeman/Lindsay Lohan as Zelda, and Mickey Rourke as Talon. AWOL staff member The Chunk even suggested the cast of Monty Python to fill every role available. Personally, I’d go a similar route, replacing the British comedy legends with Joe Pesci, having him emulate Eddie Murphy’s performance in The Klumps by playing every role himself, with the exception of Allison Harvard of America’s Next Top Model fame as Princess Zelda.

The folks of had more practical choices, with Twilight‘s Jamie Campbell Bower playing Link, the beautiful Rachel Hurd Wood as the Princess, Prison Break star Dominic Purcell as Ganondorf, the guy who played Hagrid as Talon, and Rachel Hurd Wood as Malon. Read why over at Comic Book Movie.

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