3_thecomposer-custom-guitar-banner1The YouTube covers keep on coming, and we are glad to hear them! A while back, the talented duo of YouTube guitarists 72HoursRemaining covered a couple of lesser-appreciated songs from the series. They first released their rendition of Sword Search from Link’s Awakening, a memorable tune from the very beginning of the game. After that, they gave some love to Spirit Tracks with a cover of Anouki Village’s theme, which served as their holiday special. These two must put a lot of work into their videos, so check out their newest pair of videos after the jump!

I really like these guys. It almost seems like they focus on some of the more obscure songs from the series that do not recieve as much attention. Or maybe that is only because so many people cover the more complex or epic tunes, while 72HoursRemaining focuses on more pleasantly somber music, going better with their style of guitar-playing.

Did you enjoy the videos? What songs might you like to hear them play next? Drop a comment below!

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