RFK Title ScreenThe YouTuber who made it big with lovingly poking fun at Ocarina of Time, Josh M. of the channel Really Freakin’ Clever, has released yet another part in his series where he looks at the things wrong with Majora’s Mask. In the first three parts he did the opening of Majora’s Mask and did the first two dungeons: Woodfall Temple and Snowhead Temple. For part four he will not yet go to the lovely Great Bay Temple yet though: instead Josh will take a shot at a number of the sidequests that Majora’s Mask is so full of. Watch the video after the break!

It seems that he made a mistake with the first in the list though: the banker in Majora’s Mask is, as far as we know, not unaffacted by time travel. Instead he looks at the stamp on Link’s forehead (one that we cannot see, strangely) to see how much money Link has in the bank. Are there perhaps other faults in this video? Or are there things you think Josh has missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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