FotoFlexer_PhotoYoutube channel 60 Second Gaming recently released a sixty second review of the original “The Legend of Zelda”. The short and engaging video covers the aspects that make the game great, those that have earned it some criticism over the years, and even addresses the qualities of the original Legend of Zelda that fans have been yearning to see more of in recent games.


While the voice behind 60 Second Gaming really loves “The Legend of Zelda” for being so unique and powerful, especially for a game that was released in 1986, he rates the game at a B due to its outdated graphics and lack of direction which may be off-putting to modern gamers. He himself praises the title for its extreme encouragement of exploration and its flexibility when it comes to completing different portions of the game. He also enjoys the wide variety of enemies and areas, but admits that it’s not the best Zelda title. And though it has been improved upon by later installments, it still holds its own in his opinion.

60 Second Gaming does a wonderful job of summing up a game in just sixty seconds, and I think its feeling towards “The Legend of Zelda” parallel those of many long-time fans of the franchise. 60 Second Gaming also did a review of Majora’s Mask back in June, which can be found here.

Do you agree with 60 Second Gaming’s review of The Legend of Zelda? Do you feel it should’ve received a higher, or lower grade? Do you think the short review did the game justice? Let your opinions loose in the comments!

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