It’s hard to believe that E3 is a mere two months away. Time is flying by this year despite some slowness in releases for the Wii U (thank the 3DS, which just has a spectacular lineup this year). E3 is going to be a big event yet again for Nintendo, who was pretty lackluster the last two years. The fellow competing consoles will be doing even more reveals for their new hardware and shoveling out tons of games, most of which will likely be third party – something Nintendo themselves might not see much of.

However, all that really matters to us Zelda fans at heart is… Zelda. Hence, I have tossed together a list of 5 things that could happen at E3 this year to make our hearts sing and our inner fanboys melt.

Show The Wind Waker HD With Better Visuals and Additional Content

We’ve already seen some still shots of experimental work, but what we really what to see is finalized graphical assets combined with the stellar gameplay the original offered… enhanced with the Wii U gamepad. Arguably more than that, we would love to see some additional content. Be it some of the island ideas that never made it into the game, or even one or both of the cut dungeons in place of the Triforce quest. If nothing else, the Tingle Tuner itself should be completely reworked.

We already know we will see The Wind Waker HD, the question is “what” will we see, and they have a chance to really grab us with the features mentioned above.

Announce Zelda 3DS

We’re much more overdue for a handheld Zelda than a console one, being that Spirit Tracks was last released in 2009. Ocarina of Time 3D was a nice tide me over in 2011, but we’re still waiting for a true 3DS Zelda experience. I may have some ideas how it could be a mirror of a console Zelda (ala Super Smash Bros. U), but an all new adventure is surely what many want to hear about.

The best part is, we don’t even need it to come out this year – we just need assurances that 2014 will be the year it arrives. You can announce it any fashion you want, but we all know the best announcements are with trailers. Especially ones featuring gameplay. Either way, I’ll even just take some screenshots or official art. We just need to know it’s coming by the end of 2014, that’s all.

Give Us Litterally Anything About Zelda U

Everyone remembers the leaked art for Skyward Sword, but lets not rely on a leak this time. If you have some concept art for Zelda U ready (and from the sounds of it, you should, since The Wind Waker HD happened because you were experimenting for Zelda U), just show us it. Release it officially in a nice Zelda packaged event during the show. Obviously, we would love to see some footage, but most of us realize 2015 is the likely target for the games release… with 2014 being wishful thinking.

You’ve already announced the game exists. You’ve already told us key things going into it’s development. Just give us a hint at the art style and maybe a new mysterious character, and then let us fans hype the crap out of it until you unveil more next year. Seriously, the demand for this title is already high after the HD experience. So any news about the title is going to go over well. Assuming, of course, it’s not that you decided to make it a cartoon.

Announce a Wii U Zelda Bundle

You did it with Ocarina of Time 3D, so why not a special edition Wii U for The Wind Waker? Sure, it’s a niche concept, but it will assuredly sell out for the collectors value alone. Plus, many people may be looking at a Wii U this winter if other games like Mario Kart and Mario U make an appearance. Hence, you might as well give them a collectors Zelda console too boot. Nothing screams fan service like special edition consoles.

Hold Eiji Aonuma Interview Sessions Specifically to Talk Zelda

Eiji Aonuma may be the main guy behind Zelda for several years now, but Nintendo has been flaunting Shigeru Miyamoto around with the series all the way through Skyward Sword. Its true, Miyamoto created the series and has been involved in practically every game in some fashion, but the fact is he has been trying to take a back seat. This was no more prevalent than, for the first time, you had someone other than Shigeru Miyamoto introduce future Zelda games.

Eiji officially announced in a Nintendo Direct earlier this year that Zelda U is in development and gave us some of their ideas behind it so far. He then went on to officially announce The Wind Waker HD (or reborn, if you prefer). It’s clear Nintendo wants the public to be aware that Eiji is the face of Zelda now. There is no better way than to let him hold a publicized interview session where he just talks about the next 3 Zelda releases. We may not learn too many details, but we all know the smallest tidbit out of his mouth could hold major implications for the series.

That wraps up all of my crazy ideas to get our hearts pumping. What would you like to see at E3 for Zelda?

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