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Majora’s Mask is a decent game, but it started this unhealthy trend of adding unnecessary gimmicks to the classic Legend of Zelda formula. It starts with two dozen mostly useless masks. I mean really, what is the point of the Kafei mask, or the Cow mask, or the stupid mask that makes you do that ridiculous dance? Don’t even get me started on the couple’s mask. When I did the preposterous trade sequence in Ocarina of Time, I got a huge freaking sword. In Majora’s Mask, I got a lame wedding mask. What? And then you have masks like the Giant’s mask and the Fierce Deity mask that are only useful in one fight! If you are going to make me do this ridiculous collect-a-thon, at least make the items worth my while to go search for. And from here, we get The Minnish Cap. And then Spirit Tracks. What’s next, Magic Tap Dance Boots? I’ll stick to my sword, shield, boomerang, bow and hookshot, thank you very much. My other beef with it is the ridiculous difficulty curve. The first dungeon alone is harder than all but the last three dungeons in Ocarina of Time. The Great Bay Temple makes The Water Temple look like a walk in the park. While I’m sure a hardcore Zelda guy would love the challenge, I actually like to feel like I’m making progress. There’s a reason that Ocarina of Time is considered an all-time classic, and Majora’s Mask is simply remembered as a Zelda game. They messed with the formula too much. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, Nintendo!

Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even if I can safely say that opinion is wrong. The 6th worst sequel of all time? Outside of the fact I think it was severely better than Ocarina of Time (don’t crucify me!), were talking in the history of games only five sequels are worse? Really? Heck, I may love The Adventure of Link, but admittedly it was not a very good sequel game to The Legend of Zelda. When he started speaking about Majora’s Mask being the black sheep I totally thought he got his games mixed up. I take no argument with the rest of the list, but this must have been done to piss people off right? Or not, maybe Majora’s Mask really is as bad as he says it is and my spider senses have been wrong all along.

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