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There is a lot of impressions to process here, as well as some new information to try and dissect. They all are very excited about the controller, and one of the people in the video go as far as to say this is the exact type of controller 3rd parties and gamers have realistically been asking for… and they aren’t surprised it was Nintendo who finally gave it to them.

Of course, everyone wants to know about the online stuff. Unfortunately, we still haven’t heard any specific details about how the online system works. However, many of the 3rd parties above are shown to be praising the online system, and really thinking that it will take online gaming to the next level. There also is supposedly a new exclusive FPS game coming from THQ for Wii U, but naturally they are not ready to reveal it just yet. It’s nice seeing so much support at this very early juncture. I really like hearing that they are already working on games too, so it doesn’t just sound like a wet dream of excitement with no backing.

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