Now with extra 3D goodness!Nintendo is finally launching its 3D video streaming service for all you lovely people out there in Japan today. The free service is ad supported and offers a variety of programs readily available in 3D. These programs include an animal show, views from inside trains, sports, an idol type show, girls sumo wrestling, and a few other nifty little programs.

Much of this content is delivered daily, but sports, for example, is only updated on Saturdays. I’m not sure why they’ll be streaming live footage of the inside of trains. I know that the rail system in Japan is very crowded, but I feel like thats to be expected, so why would you want to see it live? Who knows, you could see some hardcore train groping, if you’re into that sort of thing… Perverts.

As for Netflix, it has been confirmed that it will be launching this summer. However, don’t hold your breath for 3D content right off the bat. Remember, 3DTV hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes, and I highly doubt Netflix would have exclusive 3D content for the 3DS. So either 3DTVs need to start flying off the shelves or more people out there need to buy a 3DS in order for Netflix. If they do stream in 3D, I hope the films look better than White Knuckles and the trailer for Green Lantern. Not really that impressive. What did you lovely internet people think of them? Show your love or hate for 3D video with a comment!

Source: Nintendo (via Kotaku)

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