UPDATE: Video Has Been Removed By the User

Let me start this post off with a fair warning: This video, and the images after the jump, were all illegally made. The person who swiped the 3DS (which appears to be prior to having software installed on it) should feel ashamed, and he had better hope he isn’t caught and doesn’t see jail time over it. Stealing from your employer, in this case Nintendo, is just like walking into the store and stealing it off the store shelf. Point is, what led to this video and these images being created is downright dirty, and we at Zelda Informer do not support theft of any kind, be it hardware OR software related.

However, the video and images do exist, and thus we are obligated to share them with the world as so many have done already. After all, this is a big part of our gaming future. Hop inside for some HD photos.


11010315508d953a74d4ee0bba (1).jpg








The only major difference between this and what we have seen before is the select and start buttons appear to be flush with the surface. We can also get a better idea now of what the surface of 3DS will actually feel like thanks to the quality of these photos. Again, we do not support stealing, and it would of been better had these photo’s not been made illegally.

Source: TGBus

Here’s a little bonus footage of the 3DS that includes some Mii Making.

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