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The Nintendo 3DS eShop is less than a week away now, being released worldwide the day before Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference. For North America that’s June 6th, and for the rest of the world (including Japan, Europe and Australia) that’s June 7th. So taking time-zone differences into account, its pretty much a same time everywhere, international launch.

Now for the big news about the eShop. Two big launch titles have been confirmed to be available from launch, and the best thing of all they’re free. The two titles are a Pokédex in full 3D, and an enhanced port of the classic NES Excitebike in 3D. And yes, it’s all free.

Pokédex 3D

  • features all Pokemon from Black/White
  • more than 150 Pokémon and their moves
  • uses SpotPass and Augmented Reality
  • app is free
  • start with 16 Pokémon
  • unlock the remaining Pokédex entries by scanning QR Codes, using SpotPass or by trading data with friends
  • SpotPass allows for up to three random Pokémon a day
  • view each Pokémon in 3D, and rotate them a full 360 degrees
  • features filters and bookmarking capabilities
  • display Pokémon in pictures taken via the 3DS Camera


Confirmed for Japan and North America – but not elsewhere.

  • free for a limited time
  • enhanced NES port
  • features two racing modes
  • race alone for the best time
  • race rivals to get first place
  • save up to 32 tracks made in the track editor
  • view the action in 3D
  • adjust 3D in-game or with slider
  • length of time to download for free was not specified
  • available at 3DS eShop launch

Source: Nintendo World Report (Pokemon, Excitebike) [via GoNintendo (Pokemon, Excitebike)]

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