The Nintendo 3DSToday a lot of information has been released about the new Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3DS. Here are some quick facts:

Release: February 26th in Japan. March in North America and Europe.
Price: ¥25000 (roughly $300 US).
Size – 134x74x21mm
Weight – 230g
Upper Screen – 3.53 inches wide screen with naked eye 3D support; 800×240 pixel resolution
Lower Screen – 3.02 inches; 320×240 pixels
Camera – One camera inside; two cameras on the outside; Each camera is 0.3 megapixels (640×480)
Wireless Communication – 2.4GHz. Can exchange data with other 3DS units

We’re seeing some pretty impressive stuff here. Notably the stereo cameras that can take 3D pictures. Unfortunately the screen resolutioin isn’t quite up to par with other hand held devices such as Apple’s iPhone4 whose screen has 300+ pixel per inch, and the camera has lower resolution than most camera phones. Overall, it seems like a great piece of hardware.

Another cool feature will be that the 3DS will have it’s own virtual console so that you can download games, some of which come from Nintendo’s gameboy library.

That being said all of the new information is very exciting; that includes these new screen shots from the much anticipated Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

New Screen Shot1 New Screen Shot2

New Screen Shot4 New Screen Shot3

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