DKLfH8n Imgur user James Sharp (JasperHams) has conceptualized a series of 3D printed masks from Majora’s Mask. Sharp has created designs for all of the transformation masks, as well as Majora’s mask itself. His re-imagined masks are far more realistic than the masks in-game; Sharp hopes the Deku mask will have an aged tree bark texture, his Zora mask is more aquatically accurate, and his Fierce Deity mask draws inspiration from Japanese Kabuki.

Sharp has printed miniature prototypes of the Deku and Goron masks, and his Majora’s mask is already finalized and for sale on Etsy. He is looking for feedback regarding the rest of his designs before moving forward with his Kickstarter. Judging from the quality of Sharp’s Majora’s mask and the promising nature of his current prototypes, I see this being a worthwhile project to pursue. I really like the realistic take on the masks, for me it brings to life the developers’ vision.

What do you think of Sharp’s designs? Would you contribute to a kickstarter for this project? Are there any other masks you’d want him to recreate? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Imgur

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