220px-OoT_HookshotZelda fan products are now branching off into 3D printed objects! On Etsy, user AmphigoryDesign creates an amazing Hookshot replica from Ocarina of Time through the complex technology of a three-dimensional printer.

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For those of you who don’t know, 3D printers take a three-dimensional model or electronic data that prints objects through technological processes. AmphigoryDesign constructed a Hookshot replica that is entirely made out of strong ABS plastic material. The mold is then handpainted to create a flawless replica designed for cosplay, collection, or memorabilia!


These items are currently priced at 59.95 USD, a reasonable price for something so complex. AmphigoryDesign also has created a Bombchu replica (12.95 USD) using the 3D printing capability as well.

Click here to check out this unique and incredible Hookshot replica. You can also check out Roxanne’s Etsy shop here!

Source: Etsy

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