3D Dot Game Heroes A Ripoff?

Hey guys, it’s Axle! Got a new video, not a mailbag one though! This is a discussion video about 3D Dot Game Heroes. As promised in the video, here’s a link to a Zelda Dungeon update about it for those who don’t know anything of it: 3D Dot Game Heroes: 3D Zelda Nostalgia.

I make several points about the game and the controversy surrounding it, but I’ll warn you right off the bat… I’m a fan of the game.

If it even matters, spaz that I am I remembered the last point I was going to make after finishing the video, so here it is… If a game is revolutionary and amazing, and trust me, Zelda is, then it’s going to be copied. That’s literally the definition of the term revolutionary. It’ll be copied because it’s good, and that’s usually an honor.

Anyway, remember this is all my opinion. And don’t forget to post in the comments and tell me what YOU think!

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