Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch has maintained a devoted following since its release last year, fostering a creative community of fans inspired by the game’s characters, world, and aesthetic. With such success, it was only a matter of time before the gravitational forces of The Legend of Zelda and Overwatch intersected. 3D artist Aaron Walker recently produced an exceptionally cool piece of fan art, portraying Link as a character in the popular multiplayer shooter.

Based on a concept by artist Jeremy Vitry (released last year), this 3D render presents our hero within Overwatch‘s unique futuristic art style. Adding an essential layer to the piece, the rig and posing work was done by 3D animator Stéphane Videlo. We simply cannot overstate the excitement we feel when we see a group of talented people collaborate to make an amazing vision come to life.

What do think of this ZeldaOverwatch mash-up? Are there any other Zelda characters you feel would fit the Overwatch art style? Let us know in the comments! And also make sure to get your boost now, you don’t want to miss out!

Source: Aaron Walker (via Kotaku)

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