30 Second Link Top 10

Uncle Meat's 30 Second Link

For what seems like a year now we have had a thread in our General Zelda board on our forums that has produced amazingly epic art. That is, rushed 30 second drawings of our favorite hero. The thread was started by local news poster and forum member, Nick Geml. What came after it the following year was glorious postings. Everything from stick figures to works of art, to rushed pieces of crap. You had 30 seconds on the dot to create your masterpiece. Over time, we allowed for coloring to not count in that 30 second time frame, but that still reduced the drawing period. Of course, there not all bad, The above was created by former staff member Uncle Meat and has since become an icon you can use in forum posts. Here is the rest top 10, in no particular order.

The Man on the Moon's 30 Second Link

Loppy's 30 Second Link and Navi

OSM's 30 Second Link

Arcaith's 30 Second Link

Nick's 30 Second Link

Atchika's 30 Second Link

Figgy's 30 Second Link

Nathan's 30 Second Link

River Zora's 30 Second Ganon/dorf

You can find much more, as well as contribute your own, in the Draw Link in 30 Seconds thread.

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