wind wakerUsually too busy ranking the series’ games in order from best to worst, yelling at each other trying to prove their timeline order or dropping a request in any one of the thousands of signature shops across the Internet, the knucklehead-ridden Legend of Zelda fan community can occasionally forget just how important and influential their obsession really is. Luckily, we’ve got online journalists across the world to keep us in check. We’ve seen the original Legend of Zelda recognized for its innovative gameplay structure in the past, and today, the always controversial Wind Waker slid its way into GamesRadar’s 20 most important games of the decade. Taking the 20th spot just behind BioShock, the staff cited the cel-shaded adventure “more original than just about anything anyone was doing at the time, including Nintendo.”

Catch the full list here. And yes, GTA III took the top spot.

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