Breath of the Wild Guide Updates

We are now a month removed from the release of the latest Zelda game and we are still working hard to complete our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough. Recently, we have just about completed our Shrine Locations Guide. We still have a few lingering ones we need to finish, but we now have complete guides for 117 of the 120 different shrines in the game, including detailed text, pictures, and a video guide for each shrine.

We’ve also been continuing to improve on our Interactive Map, and while we have all 900 Korok Locations marked on the map, we’ve also started to create individual pages for each region of the game. We have complete guides of all the Koroks in the Great Plateau and Dueling Peaks regions of the game. In addition to individual screenshots, maps, and text for each Korok, we also have a video guides showcasing all Koroks in the two particular regions.

We will be continuing to upgrade many of our guides in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and thanks for all the support.

  • Nudar Fadwa

    Mases, did you complete the game 100%?

  • I’m on my 3rd playthrough right now and I’m doing a full-run of the game. All Koroks, Shrines, Side Quests, all Hyrule Compendium, all armor, all armor upgrades, all Overworld bosses, etc… I’ve been streaming it and calling it a ‘200%’ run because it’s more than the games built in 100%.

  • Leonardo Teles

    Thank you guys for your hard work… Is it possible to add a new fuction to the interactive map? Would it be possible to “hide” all regions but the one we want to explore? If not, could you guys add the border lines for each region?

  • Çristøbæl Lętelīėr

    I would like this too!

  • Zaptoid

    Boy, what happened to the site? I used to come here a lot back in 2013 and 2014. What happened to all the articles? Where are all the commenters? I remember when this place thrived and people had thoughtful discussions. There were trolls. I miss the trolls. What happen to yepper, the kindly waffle?

  • Darkstar

    The moved to Zelda Informer now, as Zelda Dungeon is affiliated with them.

  • BlackRayquaza98

    This function is currently in the works, but requires a lot of manual data input. We are always looking for help with the interactive map, as well as the rest of the wiki, so if you would like to assist, join the ZDI discord (link on main page) and we can get you started.

  • Leonardo Teles

    Thank you for the answer

  • Michael Grievson

    guys this is brilliant. Thank you. Although I know I’m going to get to 899 koroks and not be able to find the last one 🙂

    I wonder if in the first DLC the “new map function” is going to be a way to search for them?

  • David Olsen

    Can you add a feature to the Breath of the Wild map (which is lifesaver, btw) that shows the unrevealed regions of the map? Like before you activate the towers? It might help those of us who are trying to find Shrines/Korok Seeds based on their region.