Breath of the Wild Content Upgrades

I’m happy to announce that our Breath of the Wild Guide is now complete. This guide will take you through the entire Main Quest and it stretches across 14-chapters with over 500 screenshots to guide you along the way.

This is just the beginning of our coverage of the game. We’ve been very hard at work on our Breath of the Wild Interactive Map, which currently showcases all of the Shrine locations, all the Sheikah Towers, a growing compilation of all of the Korok Seed Locations, and so much more. We’ve been regularly adding new features to the interactive map and we are very excited about the direction it’s going.

Work will begin on our Side Quest Catalogue shortly, as well as continued upgrades to our Shrine Locations and progress on the interactive map. Thanks for all your kind words and continued support.

  • toonlink101

    When has pulling the master sword become deadly. Just wondering

  • Lindsay Nottingham

    would you like someone to work on recipes? I started making a catalogue out of my own will, and there’s A LOT. Or maybe just elixirs? I’d love to help with that

  • Hi Lindsay. Can you e-mail me at Thanks

  • Dylan Tran

    Are you going to be posting a full video walkthrough of the game on the website too?

  • Patrick Louis

    Best I can tell it was an added safeguard that Zelda put in place when she enshrined the blade after Link fell in battle. The idea I believe was that only someone with the strength of her champion could pull the blade and it would kill all others. No doubt to prevent it falling into Ganon’s hands. However she didn’t take into account that the Shrine of Resurrection would weaken Link severely from his previous state so the hero has to train back to his old condition before the blade will allow him to remove it.