The Legend of Zelda Guide Has Been Updated

Our Legend of Zelda Walkthrough has received an upgrade and is now fully available online. The guide was revamped several years back, but it never received a proper transition to our current theme due to the complication of the format. For the last two years the guide was viewable but it was still utilizing the websites old site layout. Nevertheless, the guide has been upgraded and is now fully functional on our current theme and very easily viewable on mobile devices. Additionally, the text has been completely re-written and new maps have been added throughout.

With the recent release of the NES Classic Edition, the original Legend of Zelda has been made accessible on yet another device for gamers to enjoy. Glancing at our site tracking, we noticed a significant bump in viewership for this particular guide as soon as the game was re-released. With Christmas just around the corner, the NES Classic makes for a perfect holiday gift, and our guide will make for smooth-sailing on everybody’s quest to save Hyrule.

Upgrading this guide is part of our current initiative of upgrading several of our game guides and walkthroughs. We are still looking for new team members if you are interested in helping out. Look for more upgrades as we lead to the eventual release of our Breath of the Wild Guide next year.

  • Gabriel Olivieri

    Cool! That’s a great guide! I’ve finished my game a few months ago at the VC on 3DS and the guide helped A LOT!
    But I have a question… Do you plan to make the second quest guide? There was an incomplete one on the older layout, but now it disappear =/

  • That is my next project.

  • Gabriel Olivieri

    Great!! Thanks for all this work!! 🙂

  • Draginto

    I’m glad it was finally updated. I had to use some other guides in order to complete certain objectives. I’m glad to see that it’s fixed now!

  • Carl Mujero

    no it isn’t. without top view maps, it borders on useless

  • Majora’s Mask

    Are we going to get an upgraded version of the Phantom Hourglass guide too? The old format doesn’t work very well with the way I use my computer

  • Keith Bowker

    Hello everyone, I did some toying around lol with my Amiibo collection and all mine are compatable with BOTW this included silver MARIO, dr Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Samus in Armor, Gannon, gold Mario and Gannon (of course all my link amiibo as well old and new) thought it was worth a share I looked earlier no one had any answers.