Our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough Has Launched

Over the past week we have been working hard to prepare our Breath of the Wild Guide and today we have the first several sections available for viewing. Obviously the game is still several months away and what we have put together is just a placeholder for what will eventually be our full walkthrough.

At E3 2016 the game took an extensive look at the Great Plateau, the starting region in the game. Our guide currently covers Links first steps into the Overworld and his journey through the first several Shrines.

We are currently looking for some additional writers to help us prepare for Breath of the Wild, as well as to improve some of our other game guides. If you are at all interested in helping with guide and content writing, please send in an application to webmaster@zeldadungeon.net.

  • Riverlilyrs

    How old would you have to be to complete a guide because, I am planning on getting a Nintendo Switch and Breath of wild but am I old enough?

  • Usually we don’t bring any volunteers on board that are younger than 16.

  • Riverlilyrs

    Thanks , man I gotta admit usually people don’t respond

  • Aisopos

    Why did you guys change the layout and navigation design of your website? It was a lot more efficient and convenient than what you have now.

  • tabascoman

    If you’re still looking for help, I just got out of exams recently

  • We changed the design over two years ago. The main purpose was to make the game guides look and function properly on mobile devices.

  • Benjamin Munk

    You do realizethe E3 Breath if the Wild will be different from the actual game. They had specifically configured it to show off the game’s mechanics.

  • Of course – we will make adjustments accordingly. I do think there will probably be a lot of similar stuff though. I wouldn’t be surprised if the structured remains the same though… where Link has to complete the first 4 shrines and get those abilities.

    Who knows though. Maybe Link won’t get those abilities until significantly later in the quest and those abilities were just in the E3 demo to show them off so players can use them.

  • Aisopos

    No, you just changed it. The top navigation bar is missing. This wasn’t two years ago.

  • Richard Hunt

    In every clip we’ve been shown, the video is always faded. I hope that isn’t the case with the game. I’m hoping they’re keeping the finished product as a surprise. Here’s to hoping that the real deal is Crystal Clear, and not foggy looking and faded.

  • Guys, how about on a Zelda hotbar (At the top of the page, where games are in order “LoZ, Z2AoL, ALttP…”
    Could you put Breath of the Wild AFTER Tri-Force Heroes? It’s kinda wrong, because Breath of the Wild comes after Tri Force heroes in release date.

  • Josh

    Tri Force Heroes is, for all intents and purposes, a side game. For that reason, it is placed after the collection of main series games, just before the ‘Fan Games’ and ‘Other Games’ sections. When a new Zelda game eventually comes along after Breath of the Wild, Tri Force Heroes will be moved to the Other Games section to free up space; like what was done with Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and Hyrule Warriors.

  • Duncan will

    I would not have made it through Majora’s Mask without the nice, pleasantness of ZeldaDungeon and Kaleb Simpson. Same for Ocarina of Time.
    Now, it seems more demanding, negative, discontented, complaining, and stirring up trouble and bad feelings.
    Oh, if I could zap you back to my childhood days of Pong, and Atari Breakthrough — then you would not complain about BoTW.

  • Thortok

    I’m in this rock and a hard place where I want to help but I also don’t want to spoil my own experience. >.< I actually really want to try to play as much as I can without the help of a guide, although I will consult if I get stuck or frustrated.

    So I plan to play as much as I can as quickly as I can so I can then help with the parts I've done. I even took the 3rd off from work so I can get a full 3 day weekend with it.

  • skyguys

    You guys have the best walkthroughs ever.

  • Gracie Amann

    Um, no it’s not? I’ve always judged whether a Zelda game is a side game or not depending on if it has the name in the title. Four swords is a side game, Four Sword Adventures is not. “The Legend of Zelda” is prominently displayed on boxart and stuff for Tri Force Heroes. It’s not for Hyrule Warriors or Link’s Crossbow Training. I’ve always disliked how this fandom somewhat belittles the games they don’t like, but this is ridiculous. I mean, I remember you having Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures on here, but you never had Link’s Crossbow Training. I mean, what?

  • -agrajag

    Is the site dead? Today’s the release date, but no posts :/
    Edit: spoke too soon, sorry

  • Christian Beach

    You guys have fun with the walkthrough! I’m not using it for this adventure. 🙂

  • Josh

    Taking Tri Force Heroes off has nothing to do with belittling the game or not liking it. As you can see, there is limited space on that fancy bar at the top of the page; not every game can make the cut. Just like anyone would do in any other situation, we have to cater to the fanbase and show the games that people are most likely to lookup a walkthrough for. Unfortunately, I love Four Swords Adventures (and am actually the one who added the walkthrough for it on this site), but it does not make that cut. Neither does Four Swords, or Link’s Crossbow Training. Hyrule Warriors and Link’s Crossbow Training are still relatively new, but the popularity will likely die off overtime if other similar games serve as precedence, unlike the “main” games that stay consistent. The original Legend of Zelda still gets waaaaaay too many hits for a game that’s over 20 years old now. There is no way 20 ways from now Hyrule Warriors or Tri Force Heroes will end up the same way.