We Are Hiring: Looking for Writers to Help Bolster Our Guides


While all of our news and editorial work has shifted over to Zelda Informer, we are still upgrading and churning out game guides here at Zelda Dungeon. Earlier this year we completed our Twilight Princess Walkthrough, which is now fully upgraded to the HD version of the game. While we still have a few months to go before we begin to work on our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough, there are plenty of other guides here at the website that need some work.

We are looking for writers to help with a variety of some of our older games. In addition to writing, we are also looking for volunteers to help capture images as well as editing custom maps and artwork. If you are interested in helping out at the website, go ahead and send in an application to webmaster@zeldadungeon.net with the subject, Zelda Dungeon Volunteer Application.

Note: All positions are initially just volunteer positions. However, users that make considerable contributions are often rewarded and are also given opportunities to attend various live Nintendo, Gaming, and Zelda Dungeon related events. More information available upon request.

Also, if you live in the Chicago metropolitan area, or are willing to relocate, further opportunities are available and you can inquire about them within your application.

  • Alan da Cruz

    Zelda Dungeon is dead and you guys killed her.

  • Alan da Cruz

    Why you delet my comment? Dat is the true bros. Accept.

    Bring the articles back. Bring my Zelda Dungeon Back.

  • I would love to write for stuff other than walk-throughs. I think Zelda Dungeon is a great place for editorials and such, especially on this front page, which seems to have been lacking the past few weeks. I just feel like Zelda Dungeon has dropped off so much since merging with Zelda Informer, and even at Zelda Informer editorials are rare. Is there anything like that available for Zelda Dungeon?

    Another potential problem is that I am in the later years of high school, meaning that my time can be limited. I assume you want people with high availability.

  • I am Ganond0rf

    im in need my info have all relevant games up to tp hd

  • JenovaDeath

    Do you have a age requirement? I’m 17 and I’d be interested.

  • When re-writing the walkthroughs, could you please-
    1. Remove the constant hate toward Kaepora Gaebora in OOT. The player can decide for what characters they don’t like.
    2. Remove the homophobic comments toward Tingle in MM. (Can’t believe I even have to request that.)

  • GerudoKing

    As long as there is no age limit, I’d be willing to join, I tried last year, but I was considered too young at the time…

  • Caleb wrote the guides for OoT and MM, and he always adds a bit of character to his guides. When MM3D came out, I did alter the MM guide a little bit, but I didn’t make too many changes.

    I’ve since made a minor change to the Tingle bit in the first chapter of MM. However, I’d argue that it is the game itself that makes the inference. I don’t think we needed to amplify what the game was saying though, so that was altered.

    For Ocarina of Time – its not the highest priority, but we do want to upgrade to Ocarina of Time 3D screenshots. (Although I think in 2018-2019, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ocarina of Time HD becomes an actual thing.) Nevertheless, it might be due for an upgrade.

  • Lady Lokari

    I’d love to rewrite some guides! Gives me an excuse to play the games again! That being said, I have no idea what application this is referring to. Can’t seem to find any on the site, unless I need to email and get one back.

  • Lady Lolari

    Okay, that was rather unclear. I guess I just send an email and hope I provide the info they need to know.

  • Beebons

    I would absolutely love to write for you guys, I also would love to write for popular rom hacks such as “Zelda Parallel Worlds” I think that would be rather interesting. Ive noticed while using some of the guides such as the ALTTP one, it doesn’t mention the GBA port, i.e. the comment section of that guide complained about it. Anyhow, I would gladly take the time to re-write a guide or two.

  • Jake Blecher

    Hey I was hoping to help out. I sent an email but haven’t heard back. Are you still looking for help?

  • Aisopos

    Eiji Aonuma stated in an interview with Kotaku that Tingle was not homosexual, but rather just a really weird individual. When writing an objective guide, you should always avoid adding subjective quips and “character” to the article — it’s a guide, not an editorial. This shouldn’t need explanation, but evidently, it does.

  • jack millhouse

    Can write great articles for you huge Zelda fan love all the old games especially oot.