We Have Relaunched Our Community Forum With Several Prize Giveaways

forumsBack in January of this year, Zelda Dungeon and Zelda Informer joined forces and our now sister websites under the same hub. This has created a ton of changes, and most notably, a far less active front page here at Zelda Dungeon as those efforts have shifted to Zelda Informer. From day one, one of our goals was to unite our forum communities and we have finally done that, with a relaunch of the now rebranded ZD-i Forums.

To celebrate the relaunch of our forums, we are hosting one of our largest prize giveaways that we’ve done in years. We have guaranteed prizes available for new members, as well as a grand prize that includes a Ganondorf First 4 Figures statue. Jump inside for all the details.

We want brand new members to engage with the existing forum community, while also encouraging longtime members to return or continue to make the community a fun place to be.

Guaranteed Prizes

For brand new members we are giving away guaranteed prizes in the form of Link Plush Dolls. If you want one, all you have to do is complete the following requirements.

That’s it. If you complete those simple tasks over the next 30 days, you will get a Link Plushie, simple as that. It’s a guaranteed prize, so it doesn’t matter if there are 10 winners or 50 winners. However, that’s not all.

Larger Prize

In addition to the guaranteed prizes, we are also offering a larger prize for new members. All new users who win a plush doll will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a large prize. Whomever wins the raffle will have a choice of a number of items, including a video game of their choice ($60), the Legend of Zelda Manga Box Set, or a replica Hylian Shield. Only one winner will be drawn from this bunch.

Grand Prize

Lastly, our grand prize will be for existing users as well as brand new members. In order to qualify for this prize, you will need to make a total of over 100 posts during the month of October. All new and current users that qualify for this post requirement will be entered into a raffle to win a massive Ganondorf: First 4 Figures Statue! An over $250 value!

Note: Prizes can be won by anybody worldwide, so if you are from a smaller country, no worries. Additionally, while we want to encourage activity, we want quality activity. Our moderation team will be reviewing user posts to assure there is a degree of effort put into them. Lastly, there are some areas of the forums, notably the word games section that do not contribute to a users post count.

  • Linebyline

    So what happened to the old ZD forums? Are they gone? Were posts migrated to the new one?

    Not that it makes a huge difference to me, as I haven’t been active there in maybe two or three years, but still…

  • Linebyline

    To (partially?) answer my own question: Just checked the relaunched forum, and it has thousands of threads. Either the posts got migrated or people really, really, really want those plushies.

  • BlackRayquaza98

    i just hope people stay around on the forums next month, and don’t just leave after they get their plushie.

  • They are the same forums, but have been re-branded and the default theme has been updated to match that of the Zelda Informer website.

  • Riverlilyrs

    This sounds like a fun contest but 100 posts! Well 1 down 99 to go!

  • Kevin Seiden

    No offense by this, but I suggest trying again. Red is harsh on the eyes, it makes it hard to look at for a long period of time. It doesn’t exactly say “Zelda fansite” either. Blues, greens, and tans are your most often used dominant color with good reason.

  • Steven Herrera

    So does this mean you guys are giving up on Zelda Dungeon?

  • Linebyline

    I wouldn’t say giving up. It’s been like this since the merger: News at ZI, fandom/editorial at ZD. Since that more or less means one Zelda site’s worth of content spread across two sites (as opposed to two separate sites, which would have redundant content as they cover the same news) it makes sense that the site would be less active.

    Of course, I don’t follow Zelda Informer so I’m not sure how active their front page is compared to ZD’s. Checking it just now, I see plenty of the kind of community/editorial stuff ZD used to have (a podcast, links to fanworks and off-site opinion articles, debate threads, etc.), so that probably invalidates everything I just said.

    I am also left wondering why, if the forums’ new name is ZD-i, the header at the top says Zelda Informer. And, for that matter, why the branding overall is from ZI when the forums are still hosted at ZD, and ZD was supposed to be the community half of the partnership anyway.

    I don’t know, maybe ZD and ZI are supposed to coexist in the same way the GBA and DS did. But that’s awfully cynical, so I’m not going to jump to that conclusion just yet.


    And I just noticed that their about page still lists ZD under “other” Zelda sites:

    Every other Zelda site on the internet is named after a place: There are planets, universes, dungeons, towers, shrines, domains… it goes on and on, and all of us agree it is a silly trend. Therefore, we go to the root of what real journalists do: Inform. And that’s what we do.

    The only sign of connection back to ZD I’ve seen so far is the featured wiki link, which points to ZD’s wiki (that still has ZD site branding).

    OK, I’m ready to be cynical now.

  • Zelda Dungeon is predominately being used for guides and archived content. We are continuing to update our guides and walkthroughs and have future plans to improve them in the near future. This can most recently be seen by the Twilight Princess HD Walkthrough that was re-written and now includes all new screenshots for the Wii U version.

  • Steven Herrera

    Oh ok good to know. I also hope this means more awesome video guides are on the way.

  • Linebyline

    That does make sense, and explains why the wiki is still ZD-branded.